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Pwyllgor Masnach Deg

Meet our Pembrey School Fairtrade Committee

Our Pembrey School Fairtrade Committee helps to raise awareness of the importance of Fairtrade. We have promoted Fairtrade ingredients by making a variety of delicious treats such as flapjacks, brownies, smoothies and milkshakes which we have sold to our pupils and the wider community. 

During Fairtrade fortnight we encourage the teachers to teach their classes about different Fairtrade products and why Fairtrade is important. 

We have encouraged people to buy Fairtrade products by providing them with informative leaflets and posters. 

The Committee have regular meetings in school to discuss how we will raise awareness next. We have now been a Fairtrade School since March 2013 and hold the Fair-achiever Award which is the highest of the three awards.