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Welcome to Nursery/Meithrin

Croeso i Meithrin

I hope you find the following information regarding Nursery of help to you and your child.  

P.E. lessons 

P.E. will take place every Monday morning. Please would you ensure that your child has a gym kit on this day (a plain white T-shirt, navy shorts and trainers). Please note that trainers are not to be worn during dance and gym sessions, therefore children can wear plimsolls or go barefoot. 


On a Thursday afternoon, children will borrow books from Pembrey Library - the books need to be returned the following Thursday in order to be changed.  


Sound wallets/Readng books need to be brought to school everyday please.  

Fruit Money 

Fruit can be bought everyday for 30p. 


Please can you make sure all of your child's uniform is labelled with their name.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch!

Mrs J Davies


(assisted by Mrs. B White) 

stars Autumn Term 2014-15


Builders Jelly Making Making Wizzy Potions
Melting Nocturnal Animal Home Potion Lab
Sleepover Smartboard Sorting Owls Sorting Light And No Light

During the first half of this term our theme was ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’.

Wizzy the Wizard cam e to visit us and showed us how to make her fantastic array of messy mixtures and potions from the Messy Spell Book.

In our ‘Potion Lab’, we enjoyed creating a range of magical mixtures.

In small groups, we made different flavour jelly. We described the smells and tastes and expressed a preference.

We investigated which materials would melt outside on a hot day.
We enjoyed taking part in our first class assembly, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

It was great fun becoming a builder, making cement for the bricks and building walls.

During the second half of this term our theme has been ‘While I Fall Asleep’.

We had a ‘Sleepover’, where we dressed up in our pyjamas and showed our favourite bedtime toy. We had hot dogs/beans on toast and hot chocolate for our tea - it was yummy! We darkened the class and listened to some bedtime stories and sang lullabies.

We have enjoyed re creating night time routines in our ‘Sleepy Zone’.

We have been talking about the differences between day and night. We sorted objects to do with the day and night correctly.

We have looked at a range of day and night animal pictures. We could identify and sort the day and night animals correctly.

We used a range of materials to make a night time environment for the nocturnal animals.

We have listened to the story of the ‘Owl Babies’. We compared the different sized owls and ordered them from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.

Dosbarth Mrs Evans

stars Spring Term 2014-15

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IMG 0148 IMG 0300 IMG 0480
IMG 0683 IMG 0759 IMG 0917
SAM 0295


During the Spring Term, we have been exploring the historical, traditional and fantasy world of castles in our theme ‘Dragon Tales’.

We worked together to make a giant medieval castle, where we have been taking part in imaginative play becoming knights, princes, princesses, kings, queens and lords using props and costumes.

We have listened to a variety of stories and songs based on the theme.  Some of our favourite stories were 'Megan and the Baby Dragon' and 'In the Castle'.

We have found out the names of different parts of the castle such as drawbridge, keep, turret and tower.  We looked at books and pictures to find out who live d and worked in a castle.

We created ‘royal’ jewellery’, where we made individual designs with repeating patterns.

We built our own towers using blocks.  We counted the number of blocks we used and could say who had the shortest/tallest tower.

We enjoyed going to the castle banquet, where we ate some of the foods that people in medieval times would have eaten.

During Fairtrade Fortnight, we listened to the Charlie and Lola story, ‘But I do know all about chocolate’.  We found out where chocolate comes from and why it is fair to buy Fairtrade chocolate.  We got to make and eat some   Fairtrade Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes - they were YUMMY!

On St David‘s Day (Dydd Gwyl Dewi) we all looked lovely in our Welsh costumes.  We learnt about the story of St David and took part in an ‘Outdoor Welsh Hunt’, where we found, named and sorted the pictures associated with Wales.

On World Book Day, we had great fun dressing up as our favourite storybook character and going on the catwalk.  We all looked fabulous!

We have enjoyed doing lots of activities outdoors during Fresh Air Fridays.

stars Summer Term 2014-15

During the Summer Term we have been carefully exploring tiny things in our theme ‘Teeny Tiny’.

We visited Folly Farm, where we enjoyed seeing lots of different animals. An expert came from Folly Farm to our class with some real life giants of the mini beast world, we watched  and felt them wriggle and crawl and we learnt all about them.  Then we went on a ‘Bug Hunt’ and explored the outdoor area, where we found a range of tiny beasts.  

We have  listened to a variety of stories  and songs based on the theme, one of our favourite stories was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.   We painted butterflies and made our own very hungry caterpillar.  We counted how many different foods the caterpillar ate each day. We joined in singing the song ‘There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf’ and could add whole body movements to describe the life cycle of a butterfly. 

In class, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching the caterpillars change into butterflies! We have also had a Fruit and Vegetable Shop, where we have handled a number of 1p coins to pay for fruit and vegetables.  We could sort the fruit and vegetables by colour and could weigh them to find out which was heavier/lighter.

We sang the nursery rhyme ’Mary Mary Quite Contrary’.  We looked closely at a flower and painted a picture of it.  We could sort a variety of flowers by colour.  We enjoyed playing ‘Plant Bingo’ and naming the things you see or use in the garden.  In the outdoor area, we helped to plant and have cared for a variety of seeds. 

We enjoyed following the story Tedi Twt ar y Fferm.  Our favourite game was Snap, where we learnt to repeat or say the animal names in Welsh.  Also, we made lovely farm animal masks. We made some beautiful classroom displays and decorated pebbles to make our own minibeasts, which are on display in the ‘Minibeast Garden’.

In Nursery we love to learn and play together. We have been busy ‘bees' and made our teachers proud!

stars Autumn 2015-16

During the first half of this term our theme was ‘Dinosaurs’.  We had a great day out at ‘Dan yr Ogof‘, where we explored the park and get up close and personal with some of the monsters from millions of years ago!  In our Role Play Area, we enjoyed using a range of materials to create our own ‘Dinosaur Den’.  We played with dinosaur masks and models.  We learnt their names and characteristics such as those that fly, those that swim, those with long/short tails, armour, claws, teeth, and horns.

We listen and joined in with stories, poems and rhymes about dinosaurs, our favourites were ‘Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs’, ‘How to grow a dinosaur’ and  ‘Dinosaur Roar’.  We enjoyed going outdoors on a ‘Dinosaur Hunt’.  We found the 1-10 numbered dinosaurs and ordered them on the numicon number line.   We found a huge dinosaur silhouette drawn on the playground and a collection of mark making resources.  We worked together and brought the dinosaur to life!  During one of our Fresh Air Fridays, we enjoyed making dinosaur biscuits, which we ate around the campfire whilst singing our favourite dinosaur songs.

During the second half of this term our theme has been ‘Glow and Glitter’.  We enjoyed showing and talking to our friends about the ‘Glow and Glitter’ item we brought in from home.  We joined in singing the rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  We took part in a ‘Star Hunt’ finding and counting the stars.  We walked around the school and found lots of different sources of light.  We helped Miss sort the ‘Light and No Light ‘pictures correctly.

We found out how Jessica and her family got ready for Diwali.  We made our own colorful Diva lamps.  We followed the instructions to make ‘Coconut Barfi’ - it was delicious!  A new doll ‘Geeta’ came to stay in our class and we took care of her.  We have been talking about the differences between day and night.  We sorted pictures to do with the day and night correctly.  We created our own bubbly “lava lamp”.  We had great fun helping Miss decorate the class Christmas tree using colourful baubles and glittering tinsel.  We searched the outdoors and found lots of different things associated with Christmas.

stars Spring Term 2015-16

IMG 0222 IMG 0361 IMG 0454
IMG 1147 IMG 1181 IMG 1194
IMG 9677

Well, what a wonderful first term we’ve all had together in the nursery class. During the first half term, our theme was ‘How many colours in a rainbow?’  We explored lots of different colours in many different ways.  We created rainbows using lots of lovely materials and loved reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and learnt lots about patterns and shapes.  We also read the story ‘Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly’ which is all about a two children called Nick and Sue who liked lots of different things in lots of different colours.  We enjoyed making our own story of ‘Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly’.  Nick and Sue also wrote us a letter asking us to make some rainbow fruit kebabs for their picnic.  We had great fun making them and they tasted deliciously juicy too, blasus iawn.  We composed our own class rainbow song and had lots of fun perfoming it.

During Fresh air Friday, we used Jackson Pollock’s style and techniques to create a class painting which we hang on our classroom ceiling .  We have also been on many hunts, walks, explored the garden and had fun in the both the rain and  sun.

Our second theme was ‘Are Eggs Alive?’.  Mrs Davies had a wonderful delivery of frogspawn.  We read the story ‘Oscar and the Frog’ and learnt about how lots of animals change and grow. Our tadpoles soon hatched out of their jelly shells and have grown quite big and have long tails. They love eating the pondweed.  We keep our tadpoles in a tank in our pond area in class.  To end the term we asked Mrs Davies if we could design, create, explore and cook with eggs.  We built hen houses for the baby chicks and made chocolate nests.

In the Summer term our themes will be ‘Can we explore it?’ and ‘ How many pebbles at the beach?’

stars Summer 2015-16

It’s been a fun packed summer term with lots of enjoyable learning experiences. Our first theme was ‘Can we explore it?’.  We read the well-loved story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’  and enjoyed our storytelling  in the outdoors. In groups, we told the story using story stones  and then created a story map  with lots of pictures.  We love retelling the story with lots of sounds and actions!  

We really enjoyed telling the story so much that we decided to perform it to the whole school in our class assembly.  We made clay bears, muddy footprints and bear masks which we wore for our performance.  The family from the story wrote us a letter to ask us if we would help find the bear as they thought they had frightened the bear off.  So we created ‘Wanted’ posters with pictures and a description of the bear.

 Our second theme was ‘How many pebbles on the beach?’.  We have enjoyed exploring with sand and water.  We’ve been writing numbers and letter shapes  in the sand using a range of mark making ‘tools’ such as paintbrushes, fingers, sticks and pebbles. Mrs Davies brought real crabs in from the beach which we loved looking at. We used magnifying glasses to look at them closely and then made our own crab using dough.  It was fun looking at the crabs,  but they did stink the class out! We also looked at different shells, pebbles and seaweed.   

We have enjoyed exploring pebbles in the outdoors.  We have learnt there is so much you can do with pebbles - making pebble stacks, hunting for pebbles, painting pebbles, playing hide and seek with pebbles sounds, sorting rough and smooth pebbles and playing pebble toss.  We have enjoyed reading Picnic Tedi Twt, making food for Tedi Twt’s basket and using the phrase ‘Ga i’ when we want to ask for something.  

  We have loved having a ‘Seaside Shop’ in class. We have learnt how you can be the shopkeeper and how to pay for items in our basket.  We have used a range of resources to explore capacity through outdoor water and sand play, such as buckets, watering cans and containers of different shapes and sizes. 

Our first sports day was a huge success!  We all took part in the sprint races and our favourite  ‘Crazy Capers’ obstacle race.  The practices definitely paid off!!

We are all getting a little tired now and are ready for our summer holidays, but can’t wait to be back together in September.

stars Autumn 2016-17

What a wonderful term! We have had so much fun enjoying many new learning experiences with our friends and teachers.  Our first theme was ‘Why do you love me so much?’ We learnt all about how important our families are to us and where we live.  We had a visit from Jac’s baby sister Ella Rose and enjoyed finding out what a baby needs and how to look after them.  We had lots of fun looking at our family photos, talking about and drawing the people in our family.   We made ‘dough families’ using different dough cutters. We also baked delicious shortbread ‘heart’ shaped biscuits, they were super tasty! During our storytime sessions we read the story ‘Guess who much I love you’ by Sam McBratney, the best bit was when we could be Little Nutbrown Hare.

We celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday by looking at some of the characters from ‘The Twits’ and had great fun finding worms in a plate of spaghetti just like Mr Twit did when Mrs Twit made his tea. 

Our second theme was ‘Why do leaves go crispy?’ We enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn, collecting autumn treasures out and about.  We read the story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehert and created our very own leaf man using leaves that we collected.  In class, we have a woodland role-play area where all our animal friends live, it’s great pretending to be an owl, hedgehog or even a squirrel.

Christmas time in our Nursery class is a wonderful time of year, we have been learning about the very first Christmas, made tree decorations, our very own ‘Whoops-a-Daisy’ angel and a special placement for our Christmas dinner.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed preparing for our Christmas Concert ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’.  We loved learning the songs, dances and enjoyed telling the story.  Thank you for coming to watch our performance and celebrating Christmas with us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

stars Spring 2016-17

What a lovely spring term we’ve had in the Nursery class.  We love welcoming new children and making lots of new friends.   Our first theme this term was ‘Why is water wet?’ .  We learned the rhyme ‘Five Little Ducks’ and developed lots of maths skills too.  We were counting, measuring, comparing and sorting.  We read the story ‘Five Minutes Peace’ about a family of elephants called ‘The Large Family’  We enjoyed this story so much we even created our own bathroom just like ‘The large family’.  It was a big job cleaning the bathroom every day. We had fun learning how we can move water from one place to another using different containers and large pipes.  We looked at different things that float and sink and changed the water into different colours and even added bubbles and made it smell of different fruits.  Fresh air Fridays were great in the rain, dancing with umbrellas, catching rain on our tongues and jumping in muddy puddles. We even started measuring how much rain was falling, there was lots of rain in our bucket one week!  During our St David’s Day celebration we sang welsh songs and rhymes, wearing our Jac y Do masks for all the other children in the school, we looked so smart in our traditional welsh costumes.  We also had lots of fun on World Book Day, dressing up as a character from our favourite story and sharing the stories with our friends.

Our second theme was ‘Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?’ We quite quickly discovered that no, it’s not a good idea to have chocolate for breakfast.  It was great making our own breakfast in class and tasting and trying new foods, bananas on toast was a hot favourite!   We read a story ‘Eat your Greens Goldilocks’ which was a little different to the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ that we all know well.  Goldilocks wanted to eat jelly and ice cream for breakfast but as we learnt, food like that are called ‘treats’!  We created  the bears’ cottage in our class and had a great time pretending to be Goldilocks and the three bears.  We were so clever we drew a story map to help us retell the story using pictures and actions. This was great fun, we even got to change the story and write our own.  They were called ‘Mike the Knight and the 3 monkeys’ and ‘Cinderella and the 3 cows’. Towards the end of the term we had an invite to Goldilocks’ birthday party.  The party was great! We played games, danced and ate lots of lovely party food.  During the last week we enjoyed  making Easter crafts, biscuits, counting with chicks and eggs and going on an Easter egg Hunt.

In the summer, our new themes will be ‘How does that building stay up?’ and ‘How high can I jump?’. We can’t wait to explore and find out new things!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter break!



stars Summer 2016-17

Our first theme this term was ‘ How does that building stay up?’  We began the topic by walking around school grounds exploring the different buildings in our village.  We dressed up as builders and learned that there are lots of buildings and many different types of homes.  We looked at homes around the world and talked about and painted our favourite ones.                             

We were very surprised one morning  when we noticed a police incident outside our classroom.  Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall and smashed! Lots of Humpty Dumpty’s friends were there and we had lots of discussion about how Humpty Dumpty might have fallen.  Did the spider bite him? Did the Big Bad Wolf huff and puff and blow Humpty Dumpty off the wall? Who knows?

We read the well-known story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’.  We enjoyed talking about the different characters and retold the story as a puppet show.  We had great fun sharing our performances with our friends.  We also made playdough pigs,  masks and built different houses in the pigs building site in class.  We had to sort the building materials, describing how they looked and felt.  Some of the pigs’ friends went missing and we had to hunt and count them in the straw.

We listened to a story  ‘Tedi Twt yn y siop’  .  We made our own ‘Siop Mr Jones’ and enjoyed selling lots of different healthy foods, using 1p coins to pay for the items. 

Our second theme was ‘ How high can you jump?’.  Well, we can jump quite high! But we also learned that we can move in manys other ways too.  We looked at different sports that people played and explored the equipment that they use.  We had lots of equipment in class so we decided to create our own ‘Sports Shop’ .  We have also been discovering other ways of getting physical. Using the Trim Trail, climbing frame , traverse wall and also balancing equipment has been a great challenge.  We set an obstacle course for us to travel in different ways and at different levels.  Our first story this term was ‘Kicking a ball’.  After reading the story we explored different ways of kicking and passing a ball. We have really improved our balls skills, passing, rolling and bouncing balls.  We even used paint and got creative and rolled balls in paint to make a picture.  Another story we read was called ‘The Hare and the tortoise’.  We choose to paint scenes from the story, make tortoises with paper plates and had great fun throwing and counting carrots in a hoop.  Fresh air Friday has also been very physical this term, we have raced as wheelbarrows, taken part in bike obstacle races, made mud balls, and developed our teamwork skills by playing games together like passing the balloon between our legs! Lots of fabulous fun!!

We’re starting to get a little tired after a very busy and successful year, achieving many goals and targets.  We will soon be ready for a long summer break before coming back for our new school year.

Happy Holidays!