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Welcome to Year One

Croeso i Flwyddyn Un / Welcome to Year 1

I hope you will find this information regarding Blwyddyn Un/Year One of help to you and your child: 


Reading books and Contact Books, need to be brought to school every day, please. The children participate in Reading Sessions and various fun reading activities daily. We encourage the children to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. You are welcome and encouraged to sign and comment in the Contact Book when you have read with your child at home. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our reading activities or need support. You may also wish to provide a reading folder or wallet to protect your child’s reading material. 

We are also very proud to present at the start of a new school year a 'Home / School Resource Book Bag'. They have been filled with rich class resources and activities to support your child at home in Numeracy and Literacy. We would like the 'Book Bags’ returned to school on a Monday so that we can provide the children with a new task and also read and share their previous task. 

Magnificent Moments 

Your child will continue with the Magnificent Moments book from their previous class. We encourage you as parents to talk with your child about their ‘Magnificent Moment’ and you are more than welcome to write your own comments in them also. These books need to be brought to school every Monday please. 

Fruit money 

We encourage the children to become independent and self reliant so children can bring 30p to school to purchase fruit of their choice from the fruit tuck shop. 

PE Sessions - Friday 

Please ensure that all items of PE kit are named as it is very difficult to return lost items to their owners if there is no name inside. Pupils are encouraged to bring the correct kit (indoor- plain white t-shirt and navy shorts / outdoor - white t-shirt/navy tracksuit trousers, trainers in the Summer please for outdoor games). For personal safety, no jewellery or watches are to be worn and long hair is to be tied back. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to come in and see us. 

Kind Regards, 

Mrs S Thomas 

Assisted and Supported by Miss Alysia and Miss Charlotte

stars Autumn Term 2015 - 2016

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stars Spring Term 2015 - 16

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stars Summer Term 2014-15

We have had a very happy and busy Summer Term as always. Our topics have been all about things that ‘wriggle and crawl’ and ‘Dens and Dandelions’.

Both topics have had a science focus and we have developed our knowledge about different minibeasts, their habitats, plants, flowers and animals found in a British woodland as well as looking at a contrasting locality in which we looked at the Amazon rainforest. The best part of these projects for the children was creating lots of real dens in our school grounds and down at the woods.

We all enjoyed a wonderful sunny day down at Penybedd woods, where we did lots of forest school activities and met a real life ranger – Ranger Caroline. We made natural print bunting, pressed flowers and natural resources we found to create unique and individual natural designs on each flag.

We enjoyed the ‘silence’ and tuned into the natural woodland sounds around us to write and create sound postcards. We all made a flower band each too! We have learnt lots of the names of our local woodland flowers and can identify many of the trees that decorate our beautiful woods.

We enjoyed den building best of all! We all had the opportunity to work as a real team – carrying, fetching, designing, constructing, discussing and innovating together! I think our photos express how much we enjoyed ourselves!

We all had the experience and developed the skill to pond dip, discovering and handling a range of fascinating pond life from newts to water snails. We used a key to classify and name new minibeasts we collected. It was a memorable and fun day  - really special! We are so lucky indeed to have such a wonderful resource so close to us that we can use freely and enrich our learning experiences.

We also enjoyed a memorable day at the Botanical gardens with our friends in Year Two! We have been developing our Welsh language skills by having Mrs Griffiths visit us for weekly fun and interactive Welsh sessions.

It has been an engaging, knowledge enriching ‘Summer Term’.  Have a very Safe and Happy Holidays!


stars Autumn 2015-16

What a busy and happy Autumn term we have had in Year one ! We started our new school year with ‘Family Album’. We got to know each other really well by finding out, talking about and writing about our Family, who we enjoy spending time with and saying ‘Thank you’ for all the good things in our lives. We created a ‘Family Album’ display, decorated with all our favourite family photographs, Family Trees and special toys. It was a really special place! We enjoyed a wonderful and interesting day out at ‘St Fagan’s’ museum of Welsh life. We had the experience of attending an old toy workshop and had the opportunity to play with a variety of old toys and games. It was a really special and memorable day.  

We all learnt how to retell the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ with a little help from Mr Pie Corbitt ,who is great storyteller. We performed and recorded our storytelling which was great fun to watch! As we knew the story so well we were able to write the story using our story maps and sequenced story pictures. We then innovated the story by changing story characters to create our personal and unique stories.  We learnt about the significance and why we wear poppies for Remembrance. We said prayers and gave thanks to all the Soldiers and learnt facts about the Great Wars We talked and developed adjectives and verbs to describe the poppy fields in Flanders and read and shared our simple but special poems. We created a vibrant display of Poppies and Poems for our Classroom.

Our current theme is ‘Community Explorers’ we have enjoyed exploring and finding out about our community. In groups we have created a large  maps  of our local area and learnt how to plan, create and write instructional routes using Bee Bots. We have all loved preparing for our Christmas Concert! We have enhanced our classroom with lots of Christmas activities, it’s is like a real ‘Elves’ workshop with Miss Alysia planning lots of unique and beautiful crafts!

Finally, this will be the last article I write as Class Teacher in Year One. I have truly loved being in this class and engaging in all the wonderful learning opportunities and experiences we have to share in Year 1. However I am looking forward to supporting children and teachers across the school and developing digital competency and Community Links. Mrs S Thomas   - Foundation Phase Leader, is delighted to being moving across to Year One and has some exciting activities planned for the Spring Term! Enjoy!

Please visit our TWITTER page which is accessible via our school website which has lots of photos of our learning experiences this Autumn!

Thank you for your continued support as always!

stars Spring Term 2015-16


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Year One, have had a very fun, exciting and happy start to 2016.

Our First exciting project was all about ‘Space’. We researched about the work of the International Space Station and we have been following Tim Peake on live Twitter. We created a factual display about him, tagged him posted it on our Twitter page and to our amazement he ‘favoured’ our tweet!

Our second project was ‘Carnival’ a topic which has taken us around the world looking at various celebrations. More importantly we looked at how we celebrate our special day in Wales, St Davd’s Day! We participated in our school eisteddfod by learning and performing welsh songs.

We have also found out a lot of facts about the Olympics, when it all started and what goes on, we are all ready, informed and excited about the Rio 2016 Olympics this Summer.

In the last week we have learned to tell and write the story of Easter and why we have Easter Eggs and Hot Cross buns.  We have enjoyed learning new Easter songs and how Easter is celebrated across the world with engaging Creative tasks.

An engaging, knowledge enriching and  joyful Spring Term. Pasg Hapus!

stars Summer 2015-16

Year One children began the summer term with a plea for help from Superman, asking them to learn about superheroes and their powers, in order to help defeat the evil Professor Slime. The children carried out their research using comic books and iPads and enjoyed the role play in their own Superhero Control Centre. A visit from real superheroes, the police, was fascinating. The children prepared their own searching questions and were able to wear the police uniforms and try out their specialist equipment. 

The topic provided lots of opportunity for learning about historical heroes and the children’s stories about Grace Darling were exciting to read. Developing IT was also easy to plan. Using Comic Strip, an iPad app, the children made their own comic books, starring themselves! They discussed and created internet safety posters and programmed the Bee Bots to find a superhero while learning about position and direction. The fantastic finish for our topic was a Superhero party! The children dressed as Superheroes, made their own cakes, went on a superhero hunt and thought about what makes each one of them super. “Professor Slime - slither out of town!”

Our “Enchanted Wood,” topic got off to a stunning start with an exciting trip to Penybedd Woods. The children discovered tiny houses and miniature utensils, which clearly belonged to the fairies. They played games, sang songs in the wood and collected lots of natural treasures to bring back to school. They created wildflower fact files and made their own photo stories of their day in the outdoors.

After sorting living and non-living things, the children learned about different deciduous and evergreen trees. They selected photographs and wrote their own descriptions, which they uploaded to J2e. They planted their own seeds and cared for living plants. The children also enjoyed many stories set in the woods and put on a play of Little Red Riding Hood. This super topic was rounded off at our campfire party, with songs, games and delicious buttered potatoes, baked in the fire!

Well done Year One! You’ve been an amazing class! Your Year One teachers send you lots of good wishes for your move to Year Two.


stars Autumn 2016-17

What a busy term of learning and having fun we’ve had in our class! Our first theme was ‘Memory Box’ which is exactly what we made. We gathered some photographs from home and some important items from when we were babies and put them in our boxes. We included some things we made in class and we can carry on adding to it as we grow older. Mrs. Thomas borrowed some old washing items from the museum for us to look at – how things have changed! We were lucky to have some visitors too! Nurse Gemma brought her baby Ellis to teach us about how to care for a baby and Bentley’s granddad Christian, brought lots of pictures to show us and explained what life was like when he was a child. The best part of all, was performing our class assembly to our family and friends; we even saw some cry because we were so good!

‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ has been our second theme, which is all about animals. Miss Alysia brought her kitten ‘Teddy’ to visit us and we watched him explore our classroom. We then learnt about ‘Big Cats’ and how some of them have become endangered. Outside we have made animal homes using natural materials. We have also learnt about the work of a zookeeper and have made our own zoo plans. Measuring has been fun as we made a tall giraffe and elephant and measured their height; a parrot’s long wings and measured their span and a long snake and measured its length.

We are now busy preparing for our Christmas show with Blwyddyn 2 – A Tale of Two Birthdays. 


stars Spring 2016-17

We’ve had yet another busy term in our class starting with a strange spaceship landing in the playground! That led us to learn about many interesting and exciting things. We learned about our Solar System and that planet Earth is the only planet where there are living things. Mrs Thomas read us a story about an alien named ‘Beegu’ who found some little friends on Earth but was happiest with his parents back in outer space. We used Bee-bots to travel around our space mat and used the I-Pads and computers to create different space pictures on JIT. Outside we investigated balloon rockets and then wrote adverts for them. At the end of our Moon Zoom theme we all dressed up and celebrated what we had learned.

During the second half of the term we have been learning about different types of celebrations. We started by holding a carnival parade in which we played the musical instruments that we had made at home. After that, we looked at birthdays and made graphs on JIT to show which month of the year we all have ours. Christenings was our next focus where we learned about the important people and objects that are part of this celebration. 

The most exciting celebration we learned about and took part in was a wedding! Miss Alysia helped us bake and decorate a cake; we created a seating plan; wrote invitations to each other and learned to Folk Dance in preparation. On the day, we had great fun dressed in our special clothes and enjoyed the party afterwards!


stars Summer 2016-17

Our final term in Reception/Year 1 has been as busy as the first two with lots of learning happening in school and on educational visits. The first week of term saw us visit The National Botanic Gardens of Wales to engage us in the new class theme, ‘The Enchanted Woodland’. Our guide Anne taught us about the animals that live in our woodland environment and the plants that grow there. We learnt about different parts of a plant and how trees change with the seasons. We particularly enjoyed the food chain activity learning about what animals eat. The fairy woodland was truly enchanting as was the butterfly house. Before heading for home we had a chance to play together in the amazing play area!

Back in school, we learnt to use money in our woodland shop; write a thank you letter to Anne; sort animals into different groups; measure around trees and lots more.

After half term our theme changed to Superheroes! We’ve helped save the superheroes using our maths skills from the villain Professor Claw as well as make a potion to help the superheroes. We’ve listened to lots of stories about different superheroes and have also learnt about real life heroes like Florence Nightingale. We really enjoyed creating a video using the Green Screen App and taking photographs in the Superhero Photo booth!

During the lovely weather we had in June, we went to the Country Park for our Out & About Day with Year 2. We had a sandcastle building competition and enjoyed exploring parts of the woodland. As we had worked so well during the day we had some time in the park finished off with an ice cold lolly! 

stars Autumn 2017-18

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We’ve had a very busy term in Blwyddyn 1 learning lots of new things and developing our skills both indoors and out. Our first theme was Memory Box where we got to know each other a little better and shared lots of pictures and information about our families. We learned how the days of the week and months of the year are ordered and how we write them down in a diary. We became expert storytellers and singers during our class assembly, re-telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using words, actions and songs. 

We really enjoyed our visit to St.Illtyd’s church where Father Flanagan asked us to help him find the church mice! He taught us all about the parts of the church and we even had a wedding ceremony! 

We have been trying our very best to achieve our personal number targets, learning to recognise, count and write numbers. We enjoy sharing our ideas for class during our Pupil Voice session where we get to decide what skills we want to develop over the next two weeks. 

Since half term our theme has been Paws, Claws and Whiskers where we have been learning about all sorts of animals. We had fun looking at and writing about muddled-up animals and learned a poem about Jungle Animals. We read the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and made our own e-books using our skills in Book Creator on the I-Pad. We have been working collaboratively to design our own zoo with some of us being artists, some working as writers and others being painters or architects. To do a good job we all had to be great team members. 

Learning to work as a team helped us when Mrs. Mellar asked us to help her do some important jobs in the Forest School. It was hard work but we loved every minute! 

We were lucky to be invited to a Multi Skills session in Llanelli Leisure Centre, where we played lots of different fun games. It was such a busy morning that we almost fell asleep on the bus back to school! 

Can you draw a dragon? We can because the illustrator of the book ‘Dingledum Dragon’ showed us how it’s done. We also heard the story being read by the actual author! 

Of course the Autumn term means that Christmas is around the corner and we enjoyed playing our part in the Year 1 and 2 show ‘Christmas with the Aliens’; we hope you enjoyed watching!



stars Spring 2017-18

We’ve had yet another busy term in our class starting with a strange spaceship landing in the playground! Even PCSO Trudi heard about the landing and came to see what had happened! That led us to learn about many interesting and exciting things. We learned about our Solar System and that planet Earth is the only planet where there are living things. Mrs Thomas read us a story about an alien named ‘Beegu’ who found some little friends on Earth but was happiest with her parents back in outer space. We used the I-Pads and computers to create different space pictures on JIT and to move a rocket around the screen. Outside we investigated samples from the Spaceship and described their properties. We have also enjoyed being news and weather reporters in the ‘BBC Studio’ using the green screen. We always love learning in the outdoors even when we are learning how to add numbers.

After half term we had a busy week full of celebrations – St. David’s Day, World Book Day and Fairtrade Fortnight. We enjoyed dressing up and learning about these special events. During the second half of the term we have been learning about dinosaurs. We’ve learned their names which are quite long and tricky to say. We made our own story maps for ‘Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ and have become authors and illustrators ourselves by innovating the original story. During our Maths lessons we have been learning about all sorts of shapes. We have been on a shape hunt and have made our own pictures using different 2-D shapes. 

We also have to mention the snow we had this term! Mrs Thomas loved hearing about our adventures in the snow and about all the snowmen, snow angels and other amazing things we created!