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Welcome to Year Two

Croeso i Flwyddyn Dau

I hope the following information will be of help to you and your child: 


  • Maths Homework (Hand in Friday)  

  • Spelling Test 

  • Return your ‘My Magnificent Moments’ book 


  •  Out & About Days fortnightly (dates will be provided) 


  •  Year 2 will visit Pembrey Village Library every other Thursday 


  • Indoor PE (Gymnastics) —white t-shirt / navy shorts / gym shoes (optional 

  • Maths homework handed in  


Reading books and Contact Books, need to be brought to school every day, please. The children participate in Reading Sessions and various fun reading activities daily. We encourage the children to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. You are welcome and encouraged to sign and comment in the Contact Book when you have read with your child at home. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our reading activities or need support. You may also wish to provide a reading folder or wallet to protect your child’s reading material. Reading books will be changed when completed successfully


Language homework is given on Tuesday to be completed by the following Tuesday. Mathematics homework is given on Wednesday to be completed by Friday. On occasions extra or different homework will be given in line with the class theme. Please could you provide your child with an A4 file for their homework sheets.  

Magnificent Moments 

Your child will continue with the Magnificent Moments book from their previous class. We encourage you as parents to talk with your child about their ‘Magnificent Moment’ and you are more than welcome to write your own comments in them also. These books need to be brought to school every Monday please. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch!

Mrs B Hardy
(assisted by Mrs A Griffiths and Mrs E Snook) 


Come and view all that we have done this term! 

stars Autumn Term 2014-15

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It has been a busy and exciting term, with both the pupils and teacher getting settled in to their new class.  We enjoyed our theme 'Mini Zoo', where we looked at similarities and differences between different animals and their habitats.  Pets at Home visited us, introducing Glyn the Guinea pig and Gareth the rabbit.   We learnt how to care for pets and talked about their individual needs.  We looked and identified pet necessities and talked about our own pets. Pets at home kindly left us with several leaflets on how to care for rabbits and guinea pigs.  These were put in our classroom 'pet shop' alongside the VIP magazine which we have enjoyed reading. 

We have developed lots of skills in literacy, learning how to create eye-catching posters and informative brochures.  We have read several non-fiction books and used websites to create animal fact files. We looked at the story of Noah's ark and created a log book, describing what we saw and heard on the day of the flood.  We used lots of adjectives in our writing.  We were given a 'problem' to solve in pairs: Noah saw 12 legs walk by into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen? How many different answers can you find? We learnt how to work together to record our results.  We like to think of ourselves as mathematicians in Year 2. We have enjoyed learning new skills and applying these throughout the term.  We have done lots of work on place value, addition and subtraction.  We are enjoying learning the 2x tables, with the help of Percy Parker! 

In the theme 'Remember Remember' we have looked at the history of The Great Fire of London.  We ordered events in chronological order and painted houses, attaching felt as fire for our display.  We wrote our own diary as a firefighter and listed questions together as a class, to ask a firefighter, when she visited our class to talk of fire safety. 

We have been learning new movements in gymnastics and recently enjoyed riding our new bikes.  We like to use our outdoor area to explore, run around and have fun.  We have made lots of christmas crafts and written a letter to Santa.  We wrapped presents and measured their length, before putting them under our class christmas tree.  We have impressed our teachers with all of our hard work preparing for the Christmas concert.  We made them proud! We look forward to next year, where we will become pirates in our theme 'Land Ahoy'!

Dosbarth Miss Nelson

stars Spring Term 2014-15

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What a busy yet exciting term we have had.  We were fortunate to have Miss Blakemore teach us (student) for a term, who enjoyed spending 7 weeks in our class and was impressed with how well behaved we were.  We began with the theme ‘Land Ahoy!’ We were taught about the properties of different materials, a range of mechanisms and forces. Mr. Conway helped us make our very own lifeboat using recycled materials and we were given a mission to rescue Captain Buttons’ coins from the great ship, ‘The Chocolate Pot’.  We impressed Miss Nelson with our creative writing and wrote a story about the rescue.  We included a range of punctuation in our writing, including speech marks.  As part of the theme we went to Burry Port RNLI to learn about the local lifeboat centre.  We listened to their accounts of rescues and recorded our experience on return. 

Our recent theme ‘Supermarket’ has taught us about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and recycling.  We make sure we recycle in our school! In groups we wrote and performed a rap song about recycling.  We visited a local supermarket and were reminded about healthy eating.  We looked at the prices of food and have been gaining confidence when handling money during our Numeracy lessons.  We looked at where food comes from around the world and created a class database.  We have also followed and written instructions. 

During the term we have learnt the story of The Gingerbread Man, using actions to retell the story.  We enjoyed performing a puppet show one sunny afternoon to our friends.

In PE we have been enjoying learning dawnsio gwerin. 

We have been reminded of the meaning of Easter, role-playing the story as News Reporters.  We have also enjoyed creating an Easter craft and card.  We would like to wish you a happy Easter and look forward to yet another fun-filled term when we return! 

stars Summer Term 2014-15

We have been very busy this Summer term, engaging in two exciting topics called ‘Big Wide World’ and ‘Growing Things’.  We practised and performed a class assembly, where we shared with our families and friends all that we learnt about our local area, the UK, Lesotho and the Rainforest.  We also impressed our teachers as we made projects about a country and presented these to class.  Some of us used the interactive whiteboard, others used pictures and words; we even had props such as chop-sticks and postcards.  Miss Nelson and Miss Michelle learnt a lot and were proud of how confident we were to become the ‘teacher’.  It was a very special week at the beginning of term as we had our two visitors come to stay, from Lesotho.  We loved to hear their stories of life in Lesotho and enjoyed sharing all that we had learnt prior to their visit. We put ourselves in the shoes of a child in Lesotho and made diaries.  

We wrote poems about life in a rainforest and sequenced the story of Handa Surprise.  We also developed our numeracy skills as we made predictions and weighed Handa’s fruit; and measured the distance we could travel carrying a basketfull of tangerines on our head. We looked at temperatures around the world and compared temperatures here in Wales to other countries.  

We have been looking at ‘changes’ in assembly and discussing how we change as we grow up and how we might prepare for some challenging or significant changes.  We had year 5/6 buddies to join us for an afternoon and we measured our height, arm length, foot size, and so on to look at these differences.  We also interviewed Year 3 pupils to ask them to share with us the differences between Year 2 and 3. 

We went on a trip to the Botanical Gardens to introduce our theme, ‘Growing Things’.  We learnt about seeds and how a plant starts to grow. We looked at different types of seeds and sorted, and we looked inside a seed and planted.  We have been planting in school.  We were impressed with how quickly our cress grew.  We found out what conditions seeds need to grow, as we carried out an investigation.

We listened to the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and wrote alternative endings.  We also created a poem about the giant and made paper mache golden eggs, which we decorated and used in our obstacle races. 

Yet again, a term full of excitement and fun, learning and applying new skills.  We look forward to our Summer break and a new start in September where we become Blwyddyn 3! 


stars Autumn 2015-16

What a busy, yet exciting term we have had.  Our theme at the beginning of the term was Mini Zoo.  We looked at different animals, what they need to stay alive and be well.  We enjoyed our pet shop role play area, where we weighed dog biscuits and sold them for different prices.  We have been using standard units of measure, learning that there are 1000g in a kilogram.  We have also been measuring length and height.  We drew large zoo animals using a metre stick to give accurate measurements.  

We received a letter from a zookeeper, asking us to design our very own mini zoo.  We had to think of choice of animals, their habitats and needs.  We learnt how to use a key on a map.  

We listened to the story of Noah’s ark and wrote diaries, sharing our feelings as Noah. We also solved problems, where we had to apply our knowledge of repeated addition and multiplication.  We wrote poems about life in a jungle.  Miss Nelson was very impressed with our choice of adjectives and similes.  During the Autumn term we went on an autumn walk, searching for autumnal natural materials and inspiration for our autumn poems. We learnt how to write a list poem and tried to include as many adjectives as we could.   

We also looked at the theme Remember Remember, where we were taught about The Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot.  We wrote factual and historical recounts (QR code) and sequenced key events in a timeline.  We learnt about life in 1600’s England, looking at the similarities and differences between our houses and lifestyle.  We learnt about significant people such as Guy Fawkes and Samuel Pepys.  We have been enjoying playing in our very own Pudding Lane Bakery in class.

Christmas term is always an exciting time of year.  We have been very creative and made some christmas decorations and cards.  We worked extremely hard during the Christmas concert preparations.  We enjoyed learning new songs and reminding ourselves about the real meaning of Christmas, in our nativity, A Miracle In Town! We hope you enjoyed our concert.  

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! We look forward to all of the exciting learning opportunities that 2016 will bring.  


stars Spring Term 2015-16


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What a wonderful Spring Term it has been, full of fun and exciting learning opportunities.  We enjoyed our theme Land Ahoy, where we spoke like pirates, wrote poems and weighed and measured pirate’s booty.  We found out how rescues happen at sea and visited BurryPort RNLI Station.  We sang sea shanties and listened to stories of Captain Blackbeard and Captain Cook.  We designed our own pirates and treasure maps. We used Beebots to navigate around our maps and we looked at half and quarter turns.  

In Science we investigated which material/s would be suitable for a boat.  We have been learning how to tell the time and we wrote diaries as a pirate, showing analogue and digital times.  

Miss Nelson said - Let’s get messy! Muck Mess and Mixtures has been a ‘messy’ and marvellous theme.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the story ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and all of the work we have done based on this wonderful Roald Dahl novel.  We have poured, mixed, stirred! We have dived in and got our hands messy when playing with liquids, dough and slushy, mushy materials.  We wrote recipes and instructions and we have created our very own animation by shaping dough in to a character and recording scenes on Movie Maker.   

We have enjoyed our Welsh theme ‘Parti Doli Glwt’.  In class we have our very own party role play, where we can practise sentences such as ‘Ga i…?’ ‘Dw i’n hoffi…’ We had a party in class, where we shared what foods we liked/disliked.  

We have had to concentrate when learning dawnsio gwerin.  Miss Nelson is impressed with how we can perform a dance to Jac Y Do.  We learnt Sospan Fach for St. David’s Day.  We sang proudly and enjoyed taking part in the assembly.  

We have learnt a lot about Fair trade as we performed a class assembly, sharing the meaning of Fair trade and encouraging pupils to buy Fair Trade goods. We enjoyed making lemonade using fair-trade sugar and applying our understanding of capacity, using measuring equipment.    We also compared prices of Fair Trade goods against non-Fair Trade products and applied our numeracy skills to work out the difference in cost.  We have problem solved using money and we can work out total costs and change from a pound.  

 We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!   


stars Summer 2015-16

We have been very busy this Summer term, engaging in two exciting topics called ‘Scented Garden’ and ‘Wriggle and Crawl’.   

We went on a trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales to learn about seeds and how a plant starts to grow.  We looked at different types of seeds, looked inside a seed and planted seeds to nurture back in school. We wrote a recount on our trip, using lots of time connectives to impress, during a Big Write session.  

We looked at non-fiction texts and identified features such as headings, sub-headings, pictures, labels, captions and index.  We also looked at the fictitious story of Jack and the Beanstalk and role played/hot seated, wrote newspaper reports and retold the story orally.  We measured our footprints and compared these to a giant’s footprint and we also used our measuring skills to chalk different sized beanstalks.  

We explored a range of garden herbs using all of our senses and we had a go using the pestle and mortar to release a stronger smell.  We made scented play dough, a fragrant lavender bag and herb butter.  We learnt about the life of Helen Keller too.  

To begin our theme ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ we went to Penybedd woods to observe and identify mini beasts in their natural habitat.  We also explored our school grounds and made tally charts and bar graphs to show what we had found hiding in our surroundings.  We went on a programmed mini beast hunt where we wrote instructions using positional language, for a friend to follow and find minibeasts.  The was good fun, yet challenging! 

We have listened to several stories about minibeasts and made predictions and written book reviews. We learnt a lot about bees, including their lifecycle and how they make honey.  We wrote explanation text during Big Write to illustrate and write about what we had learnt.  We also listened to The Flight of The Bumblebee and illustrated the sounds and movements.  This made a wonderful class display, along with our bumblebee craft that we made.  

We have been busy bees ourselves this term, learning, having fun and making our teachers proud! 





















stars Autumn 2016-17

We began the Autumn Term by visiting Kidwelly castle, exploring its different parts. We found out how many towers it has, how many turrets and whether it has any secret tunnels or passages. We thought about how the castle helped defend the people living inside its walls.  We took digital photographs of the castle’s different areas and interesting features, and we crept passed the sleeping dragon that hid inside. We planned a simple recount of our castle visit using information gathered as well as our own experiences. We also designed our very own coat of arms and spoke about it confidently, explaining what it meant to us.    

We listened to the traditional fairy tale of ‘Rapunzel’, then sequenced the story using picture cards and described in our own words what happens at each point. We took on the role of different characters.  We shared a report from a fantasy newspaper, ‘The Fairy Tale Times’, on the story of Rapunzel. We read the report and talked about whether it covers all the story’s important details and events. We looked at features of the newspaper report, including the headline, captions, photographs and sub-headings. We worked in pairs to highlight the reported speech contained in the text.  We wrote down what we imagined the characters might say if interviewed by the newspaper. We used speech bubbles and displayed them around large cut-outs of the characters.  We have been practising how to use speech marks in reported speech.  

We stacked cubes to make towers. Using standard units, we measured and recorded the height of each to discover who can build the highest tower. Then we tried to build a taller tower using a different approach, such as starting with a wider base.  We were challenged to answer mathematical problems based on the measurements, such as finding out the difference between the two towers, how many centimetres the two towers measure altogether and who made the tallest tower in the class.

We listened to Anthony Browne’s book, ‘The Tunnel’, and talked about the story.  We considered what we would have done if our brother, sister or friend crawled in to a dark tunnel… Would we follow or not? We ordered picture cards of the story up to the point at which Jack crawls into the tunnel. Using pictures of tunnels, we imagined we were about to step inside to follow a friend or sibling. We made an illustrated story map to plan what will happen in our adventure, adding notes and captions to explain what happened at each stage.  We used our maps to write a narrative version of our story. We were encouraged to add any speech needed to complete the story, using speech marks.

In Science, we worked collaboratively to build a paper bridge.  We had to work out how to strengthen the paper in order for the three goats to travel across.  

We listened to the story of the Welsh nurse, Betsi Cadwaladr.   Miss Nelson invited Mrs. Ashby to our class, to talk to us about her job. We had prepared questions before she arrived. We thought about the differences between nursing now and then.  We very much enjoyed looking at the different nursing uniforms and some of us had a go trying them on.  

Our second theme was called ‘Muck Mess and Mixtures’.  Miss Nelson held a ‘Messy Mixtures Afternoon!’  We were allowed to experience a variety of weird and wonderful mixtures that we felt with our hands and feet. We created messy mixtures from cornflour and water, paint, paste, shaving foam, body lotion, soap flakes and clay. 

We have enjoyed the story, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl.  We have been predicting what will happen in the rest of the story. We have learnt how to write recipes, using bossy verbs and time connectives, listing, diagrams and titles.  We wrote a recipe for a Perfect Christmas.  

We have investigated a range of everyday materials, such as salt, wax, flour, cornflour, clay, sugar, cooking oil, glitter and shaving foam to find out how each one changes when mixed with water. We made predictions before mixing and created a simple table to record our results.  

Finally, we have made our teachers proud by taking part in our wonderful Christmas Show – A Tale of Two Birthdays.  

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!












stars Spring 2016-17

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning during Spring Term.  We began with the theme ‘Land Ahoy’.  We visited Burry Port RNLI station, where we listened to rules about water safety.  We enjoyed looking at the boats and their uniform.  We watched Miss Abbey try it on, although she was not as quick as she should have been!  We read and listened to fiction and non-fiction text and innovated a pirate story. We looked at ways to improve our stories using a range of time connectives such as ‘suddenly’, ‘in a flash’, ‘all at once’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’.  We also used our imagination and wrote our own adventurous pirate stories.  We used j2e to write our ideas and practise our typing skills.  

We talked like a pirate, reading and practising our best pirate voices! Words and phrases to learn included Ahoy! Avast! Aye! Arrr! and yo-ho-ho! We wrote postcards, paying attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.  We were able to learn and apply the success criteria to do this during our Big Write session.  

We have had lots of fun in Science.  We worked together to try and collect treasure from ice cubes, using different tools to help release the treasure from the ice.  We investigated to see if salt helped melt the ice.  We were set a challenge to create a boat that floated.  We tested to see if our materials sunk or float, and raced our boats.  We also looked at the differences between an octopus and squid, getting messy and handling them in class! 

We developed our questioning and oracy skills, learning about Captain Henry Morgan and hot seating as the character.  

We used positional language to direct BeeBots around our treasure maps, which we made collaboratively. We used language such as ‘quarter turn’ ‘half turn’.  We learnt about doubling and halving, applying this understanding to pirate problems.  

During e-safety day, we learnt about our digital footprint.  We know what information is safe to share online.  We have enjoyed learning dawnsio gwerin and we particularly had fun learning a pirate dance.  

Our second theme this term has been ‘Street Detectives’.  We began by walking around the local area. We looked for clues in the area about the past and present. We took photographs and compared then and now.  We thought about the people who live and work in our local area and how the area may have changed over the years. We enjoyed our visit from Mrs Jackie Davies, who spoke on how Pembrey has changed over time.  We enjoyed asking lots of questions and looking at the photographs Mrs Davies had to share.  We created maps of Pembrey and learnt about the purpose of a key and we also made a model village of Pembrey.   

We have enjoyed learning about money and using this knowledge in our role play area which has been a post office.  We have also learnt the success criteria for writing a letter, which we have applied in our play.  For Fairtrade fortnight, we learnt where some different food types come from. We read about the difference Fairtrade makes to people around the world.

What an exciting week we have recently had.  We have been receiving letters from an alien, asking us to share all about life in Pembrey.  We couldn’t believe what we saw one morning in class… Footprints! We had to write persuasive letters to the alien, asking him to land his spaceships elsewhere.  Fortunately, we had been learning about persuasive writing and we used our ‘wow words’ to write letters. 

We enjoyed our afternoon in Pembrey Pottery shop.  We were shown how to make teapots and we were able to ask lots of questions.  

It has been yet another busy term, full of fun and exciting learning opportunities.  We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! 



stars Summer 2016-17

To begin our theme ‘Scented Garden’, we went on a trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales to learn about seeds and how a plant starts to grow.  We looked at different types of seeds, looked inside a seed and planted seeds to nurture back in school. We looked at non-fiction texts and identified features. We also looked at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and wrote newspaper reports and retold the story orally.  We measured our footprints and compared these to a giant’s footprint and we also used our measuring skills to chalk different sized beanstalks.  

We explored a range of garden herbs using all of our senses and we had a go using the pestle and mortar to release a stronger smell.  We made scented play dough, a fragrant lavender bag and herb butter.  We planted seeds to create our wildflower garden.  We also investigated what conditions cress needs to grow.  We went on a welly walk to see what seeds we collected on route.  

During our theme ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ we went to Pembrey country park to observe and identify mini beasts in their natural habitat.  We also explored our school grounds and made tally charts and bar graphs to show what we had found hiding in our surroundings.  We scanned QR codes to find out about habitats too.  We identified symmetry and completed a symmetrical minibeast.  Next, we sorted insects following more than one criterion. We have had to complete challenging puzzles and problem solve throughout the term.  

For Literacy, we wrote an explanation text to explain how bees make honey.  We also listened to poems and created our own, matching different musical instruments to sounds and scenes of the poem (Scan QR codes to hear us perform).  Choosing a book about minibeasts, we wrote a book review.

We have identified an insects body parts and combined materials to create our own minibeast.  We sequenced a lifecycle of a spider and made a spider glider.  We hunted for snails and worms to create a wormery and snail habitat in class.  We fed the snails lettuce and spinach.  We watched the worms make tunnels in the soil.  We looked at Bug Art by Steven Kutcher, being inspired to create our own paintings using plastic insects and different tools to make patterns and markings. We listened to The Flight of the Bumblebee and drew markings to represent the sounds we heard.  Miss Nelson asked us to listen to the tempo and timbre of the music.  This influenced the way we put pencil to paper. We thought about movements that bees make and used different lines to show this in our work. 

Wishing you all a happy Summer break!

stars Autumn 2017-18

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We began the Autumn term learning through the theme ‘Towers Tunnels and Turrets’.  What fun we had exploring Kidwelly castle and using the vocabulary we had previously learnt to name parts of the castle – drawbridge, tower, portcullis, battlements and arrow slits. We thought about what life might have been like living in and defending a castle.  We used time connectives and wrote in the past tense when writing a recount of our trip.  We retold the story of Rapunzel and wrote a diary, imagining we were stuck in the tall tower.  We had to include our feelings and use adjectives in this piece of writing.  


In Science, we investigated which biscuit was the strongest by making biscuit towers and adding weights until they broke.  We recorded the results in a tally and made bar charts on jit to show our results.  We also had fun, collaboratively making paper bridges and learning how to strengthen paper.  We have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables this term and using this knowledge to solve mathematical problems.  Miss Nelson says we are becoming mathematicians! We have learnt how to measure using cm and m.  We made towers of different heights and measured these.  We love using our construction area outside to build.  We learnt about Betsi Cadwaladr and compared life now and then.  We wrote a questionnaire to a nurse and we also talked about germs and how they spread.  We designed posters on jit to remind people how to wash their hands.    


For our theme ‘Muck Mess and Mixtures’ we have enjoyed investigating materials and their properties.  We have identified materials and sorted them by criteria of our choice.  We found out which detergents make the best bubbles and how different materials change when mixed with water.  We thoroughly enjoyed our novel this term – George’s Marvellous Medicine! We wrote our own recipes and using our mathematical skills, we measured the capacity of different ‘medicines’  One of our favourite parts of the story was when George made the medicine and spoke a chant.  We made up our own chants in pairs and put music to these when performing.  We also wrote non-chronological reports about farm animals, using search engines online to find facts.   We wrote these on j2e, where we learnt how to insert images and change font size and colour. We followed recipes and measured ingredients in grams and kilograms.  


We also enjoyed becoming artistic when using marbling inks to create multi-coloured prints and making a Christmas craft to sell in the fair.  We have enjoyed a term of Gymnastics where we have worked independently and collaboratively, using equipment too. Finally, throughout all of this learning, we developed our oracy skills when practising and performing our show, Christmas with the Aliens.  We have definitely made our teachers proud! We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 













stars Spring 2017-18

We have enjoyed learning through two exciting themes this Spring Term.  We began with ‘Street Detectives’, a theme where we had to find out about our local environment and make comparisons with the wider world. We began our theme with a visit from Mrs. J Davies, who spoke of life growing up in Pembrey, how it has changed over time and what has remained the same.  We asked questions and looked at photographs from the past.  We went on several walks around the village and took photographs, which we then used to create maps.  We learnt about map keys too and how to write and follow directions using language such as half turn, quarter turn, clockwise and anti clockwise.  

Miss Naomi has been visiting us throughout the term, encouraging us to develop our listening and digital skills.  We have learnt how to use stop frame animation and an editing photograph software.  We edited the photographs taken of our local area.  We also listened and recorded sounds in the environment and used these to inspire our sound poems.  We have created maps and recorded these creatively and digitally.  

We compared life in Wales to Botswana, learning what their homes, jobs, schools and surroundings are like.  We became children in Botswana, writing diaries of our day.  We matched time to our diary, as we have been learning how to tell the time digitally as well as analogue. In Science, we investigated how the capacity of water effects the pitch.  We learnt how to carry out a fair test, changing one variable and keeping others the same.

We learnt Merlin and the Dragon’s Tale, learning the meaning behind our welsh flag.  We proudly performed for Saint David’s Day and enjoyed singing and celebrating.  

Our theme Land Ahoy caught our imaginations as we became pirates and searched for treasure. We wrote adventure pirate stories and role played in our pirate ship and small world. We wrote message in bottles and designed treasure maps.  We decorated treasure chests and hunted for treasure.  We decided to test which materials floated or sunk, in preparation for making a boat.  We also have enjoyed learning pirate dances and creating our own.  We have become creative in singing and writing sea shanties.  

Out & About Days have been just as exciting this term. We have enjoyed role playing in our news reporting shed and selling and buying vegetables in the market.  We particularly enjoyed our bike and scooter day.

It has been another busy yet exciting term.  We would like to wish you a Happy Easter!


stars Summer 2017-18

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We have had yet another busy term, beginning with the theme Scented Garden.  To begin, we visited the National Botanical Gardens where we learnt about how and what plants need to grow.  We looked at different type of seeds and sorted them.  We enjoyed visiting the butterfly garden and looking at all the different types of plants that grow around the world. In class, we made a brochure of the Botanical Gardens, following our success criteria. We self and peer assessed our work.  

We listened to the story Jack and the beanstalk and wrote newspaper articles, remembering to include a headline, caption and speech marks.  We measured beanstalks in cm and also drew our own, some of which were over a metre tall! We planted cress seeds and investigated what they need to grow. We also investigated what is the optimum temperature for plants to grow and we read thermometer readings, in different areas in the school grounds.   

We read a non-fiction book abut fruit, before using our senses to describe their smell, texture, taste and look.  We applied our Numeracy skills to a challenge where we had to design our own garden and work out costings and fractions.  

For welsh, we have listened to Tedi twt yn yr arth.  We described where minibeasts are found in the garden using positional language in welsh. We also used and followed welsh instructions when planting sunflower seeds.  

Our next theme was Wriggle and Crawl, which as you can guess from the title, was all about bugs! We began by going on a hunt to find out where they prefer to live and tally totals.  We drew maps of where we went on a hunt and used a key.  We have listened to and read several stories, for example, Aarghh Spider, Mad about minibeasts. We wrote book reviews to explain what they were about.  

We learnt why and how do bees make honey, writing an explantion text and re-enacting it.  We measured in standard units when making honey flap jacks.  We sequenced the lifecycle of a bee and also wrote facts about insects, using the internet to help us. 

On jit, we created our own Bugs Top Trumps and we also sorted and created bugs interactively.  We have watched videos of insects transforming over a period of time.  We learnt that insects have a head, thorax and abdomen, labelling and making insects using modelling clay.  We listened to The Flight of the Bumble bee, illustrating what we imagined and showing the change in tempo and dynamics.  We looked at the art of Steven R Kutcher, the bug artist, and tried to do our own artwork influenced by him.  

We have written riddles about insects and created our own poems.  We also performed puppet shows using the minibeast puppets.  We made spider webs by weaving wool in between a hoop, making symmetrical patterns and we also made spider hats by following instructions and choosing materials.  

We also had a pizzeria as our role play area, where we asked 'Ga i...?' and 'Wyt ti'n hoffi..?' We also cut the pizzas in halves and quarters. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with Mrs Mellar too. We love to use the forest school area and we have also enjoyed our science lessons, making a wormery, investigating what seeds are collected on our wellies and labelling a worm.  Thank you Mrs Mellar. 

I would like to wish year 2 a happy summer break and all the best in Year 3.  It has been a pleasure to teach them! 


stars Autumn 2018-19


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We began the term with a new theme ‘Beachcombers’.  We listened to the story ‘Sharing a Shell’ and re-enacted this in our small world area, adding speech bubbles to the characters too.  We used search engines to look for facts about unfamiliar sea creatures, for example a sea anemone.  In maths, we learnt about place value and how to order and position numbers.  We also learnt about reading and recording mass and length, how to measure in standard units.  In Numeracy, we measured the length of natural materials e.g. seaweed.  

We enjoyed creating mixed media seascapes and choosing materials and resources to make models of seashore creatures.  We listened to the story ‘Dougal’s deep-sea diary’, as inspiration for our own diary writing. We learnt how to apply success criteria to our work and then we self and peer assessed.  We have sorted natural materials by Venn and Carroll diagrams and have interpreted data. We enjoyed creating bar charts to show our favourite ice cream flavours.  For our Harvest festival, we learnt and performed a song and also used fruits and vegetables in our learning, such as weighing vegetables and sorting fruit.  We went on an autumn hunt, looking for signs of the season.  

We have looked at the life of Betsi Cadwaladr and read non-fiction. We studied a newspaper report and looked at the headline, caption and content. We used see-saw to highlight key features.  We designed a handwashing poster when learning about how germs spread.  

For our theme ‘Land Ahoy’ we designed pirates, created wooden spoon puppets and used our sewing skills to make our very own jolly roger! We have loved using the pirate ship for our role play, using pirate talk such as Ahoy me hearties! We learnt how to read and record time (half past, quarter to/past) and how to recognise quarter and half turns in maths.  We also designed pirate maps and in numeracy, we used Bee Bots and used language of direction and position to find the treasure.  

We impressed Mrs. Hardy by learning the story of Barti Ddu and retelling this using a story map and perseverance.  We played a bingo game, ‘dillad Barti Ddu’ and learnt how to divide and share pirate treasure.  We listened to several pirate stories and wrote a book review, sharing our opinions, star rating and a brief summary. 

Alongside all of the thematic work, we have enjoyed learning and performing this year’s Christmas concert, the Inn-spectors!  We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

stars Spring 2018-19


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What a fabulous term we’ve had! We began our learning through the theme of ‘Street Detectives’. We went on a walk of the local area and took photographs which we would later use to create maps. Mrs Davies visited us and talked about how Pembrey has changed over time. We created questionnaires beforehand.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the pottery shop, where Graham kindly showed us how to make pots on the wheel and we also made our own, which we later painted in class.  We created a building of Pembrey which are now displayed proudly in our corridor.  We also went to the Ashburnham Hotel for a special lunch.

We learnt about life in Botswana and made comparisons between here and there. We wrote letters to a child in Botswana and we also wrote diary entries as Kabo on holiday. We put digital times in our diary entries too.  We prepared and had a debate to discuss if life is harder in Botswana than Wales.  We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We went on a shape hunt and in the Forest School we made shapes using natural materials. We carried out a traffic survey which we tallied and used to create bar charts.  

We celebrated Chinese New Year with Thai Chi, noodle tasting and crafts.  We also located countries in the world that produce Fairtrade products, learning about the importance of paying people fairly.  We have been learning our class right: your right to be safe.  We talked about who keeps us safe and what keeps us safe.  

Our theme ‘Scented Garden’ has equally been lots of fun! We have role played the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and used Green Screen to interview characters.  We wrote newspaper reports about the story.  We have learnt how plants grow and planned and prepared an investigation to find out the optimum conditions for cress to grow. We planted sunflower seeds following welsh instructions.  We also sequenced the story of Tedi Twt yn yr ardd and learnt new welsh vocabulary.  We love to earn Tocyn Iaith in Year 2!

We loved the Well-being week where we rode our bikes, had Mindfulness sessions, had an NSPCC assembly and learnt the PANTS rule.  We planted and enjoyed fruit kebabs. We learnt about keeping safe online and we also became autism superheroes.  

We look forward to next term!

stars Summer 2018-19


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What a fun and exciting term we have had. During Beat Band Boogie, drummer Steve Bird visited and taught us about musical elements, particularly rhythm. We joined in and made plenty of noise! We learned how to write instructions when explaining how to make a balloon drum.  We followed instructions to make different percussion and for homework we made an instrument.  We listened to two contrasting pieces of music, one with a fast pulse and the other with a slow one. We had to clap, tap or move to the natural pulse of the music, keeping the beat, or play along on percussion instruments. We also started a kitchen band!

We watched footage of Trooping the Colour, and talked about what we could see, such as the movement of the arms and legs, all carefully synchronised to the beat. We marched to different types of music, working together to try and keep in time. We lstened to animated versions of the nursery rhyme, The Grand Old Duke of York. We had to join in with reading and singing the rhyme, marching and clapping in time to the music. We wrote newspaper reports about the Grand Old Duke of York. 

We have investigated how the level of water in a glass bottle or jar affects the sound made when either tapping the glass with a pencil, blowing across the top of the bottle or running a wet finger around the rim. We found out how full the bottle or jar must be to make a high-pitched sound or a low-pitched sound. We recorded our results in a table and identified any patterns found.

We listened to the fairytale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, by Hans Christian Andersen, making predictions throughout about what might happen next. We talked about the story, giving our opinion on the ending. We acted this out in our small world challenge area. We learned about helathy eating and wrote our own healthy eating rap songs. We also made movement canvasses! Using large canvasses outdoors, we stomped feet in trays of paint, then marched across a large sheet of cotton. We talked about the patterns we saw forming and what happens as colours blend on the surfaces.

During Wriggle and Crawl, we went on a minibeast hunt and made a simple sketch map of the area where we carried out our hunt. We added a key to indicate features on our sketch maps and ploted the route we took around the site.  We tallied what insects we found on route.  We have written a book review on a story about minibeasts and used non-fiction books to type minibeast fact files on j2e.  

We watched footage of bees in a bee colony as they come and go from the hive and perform their duties. We looked closely at the bees returning to the hive to see if some appear different to others. We watched footage of the waggle dance they perform to tell other worker bees the direction and distance of flowers that contain lots of pollen and nectar. Next, we found out why and how bees make honey. We acted this out and had to draw a diagram and label it with captions to explain how bees make honey. We enjoyed making honey flapjacks by following a recipe and weighing ingredients.  

We have learned that an insect has a head, thorax and abdomen.  We made our own superbugs in ICT and created an insect using recyclable materials.  We also sequenced lifecycles and have written poems and riddles about minibeasts.  We perservered and solved minibeast word problems. 

Additionally, we have been busy this term preparing and performing our medley across the decades for the 50th celebration.  We worked hard to learn the songs and a dance too.  We made our teachers proud and thoroughly enjoyed the celebration...and the circus treat as a reward! We went to Pembrey Country Park to ride on the train and build on the sand.  We also went pond dipping in Penybedd woods. 

We would like to wish you all a very happy summer holiday!