Year 3 2019 20

Welcome to Year 3

Croeso i flwyddyn tri

Reading Books 

Please ensure that children bring their reading books and contact books to school every day. Pupils are encouraged to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. The personal reading record books are checked weekly and rewards are given at the end of the week if a child has read three times with an adult. 


We visit the village library every other Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their book to school to change on this day. 

P.E. lessons 

Please would you ensure that your child brings gym kit to school on these days. Kit is a plain white T-shirt and navy or black shorts/tracksuit trousers. For your child’s safety, no jewellery is to be worn and long hair should be tied back. Trainers are not allowed in during dance and gymnastics lessons in the hall. Lightweight black pumps are permitted.

Please ensure that sensible footwear is provided i.e. netball - trainers, rugby – togs (preferably) or trainers.


Spelling lists and homework sheets are out on Monday to be returned to school by Thursday to be marked. On occasions extra or different work is given in line with class theme.  Please provide your child with an A4 file for their homework sheets.  

Weekly timetable


  • Spelling and Number homework (Hand in Thursday) 
  • Indoor PE – white t-short/navy shorts/gym shoes(optional) 


  • Library(fortnightly) 


  • Forest School (Mrs A Mellar)


  • Hand in homework 


  • Spelling /Mental Maths Test  

  • TT Rockstars homewormay be given. 

  • Outdoor PE – white t-shirt/school jumper/navy joggers/trainers/togs


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch!

Mr Edwards

(assisted by Miss Emma ad Miss Linda)

stars Autumn Term 2014-15

SAM 3276 SAM 3320

This term, we have been learning about Roman Britain. We were all given Roman names, ie Philip was Philippus, and Harriet, Harrieta.  We even did the register using our Roman names!  

We looked at the reasons for the Roman invasion, and had to put them in order. We did not know that one of the top reasons was that the Romans wanted the gold at Dolaucothi, right here in Carmarthenshire!

Also, we made mosaic pictures using coloured squares of paper, and investigated Roman numerals. Did you know that the Romans did not have a numeral for zero? No wonder the Roman number system isn't used anymore!

We also found out about the revolt of Boudicca, and explored the world of the Roman gods. There is a display in our classroom on the Romans, which shows what we have learnt.

Dosbarth Mrs. Davies

stars Spring Term 2014-15

IMG 0020 IMG 0025 IMG 0196
IMG 0209 IMG 0231 IMG 0236
IMG 0240 IMG 0372 IMG 0375
IMG 0384 IMG 0402 IMG 0403
IMG 0407 IMG 0422 IMG 0520
IMG 0524 IMG 0543 IMG 0577
IMG 1248 IMG 1250 IMG 1256
IMG 1262 IMG 1274 SAM 3506
SAM 3552 SAM 3564


This term our theme has been ‘Sensoria’.  We have learnt so many new things about our senses.  To begin our theme we went to the sensory room at Ysgol Heol Goffa.  We had a wonderful experience there, learning how we use each of our senses.  After returning from our visit we wrote ‘thank you’ letters and designed leaflets to promote Ysgol Heol Goffa.

We also had a visit from Anita who has visual impairment.  She developed our understanding of how important each of our senses are.  We carried out a sound investigation using our mathematical skills to measure the distance sound travels and have loved taking part in atmospheric sessions using our sense of touch and smell.   We have displayed all our worked about senses in our classroom.

For St David’s Day we sang Sosban Fach and even created our own Scarlets squad to play rugby.   For the last 3 weeks of term we have been developing our swimming skills visiting Llanelli Leisure Centre every morning.  We started to get a bit tired towards the end but lots of progress has been made by all!  For World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite character for a storybook and read our favourite book to our friends.  Joshua won the ‘best dressed’ with his brilliant, well- made Mr Fox. 

At the end the term we learnt all about the meaning of the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter.  What a wonderful spring term!

stars Summer Term 2014-15

We began our summer term by looking at the importance of ‘Friendship’.  We looked at the qualities of being a good friend and how we use these in school.  We made friendship bracelets and wrote acrostic poems. We really enjoyed sharing all that we had learnt with our friends and family in our class assembly. 

We have been very busy developing our writing skills using a Pie Corbett story.  We read the story ‘Mighty Blue Clever Cape’ and used some of the author’s ideas to write our own story plan and map to create our own stories.  We displayed and shared our stories with our class. 

We have learnt about different minibeasts and their habitats.  We explored our own environment, discovering that many different ones live so close to our classroom.  They love to live in damp, dark places.  As we wanted to explore other habitats, we went to visit Craig-y-Nos Country Park.  Craig-y-nos country park if very different to Pembrey Country Park. It has got a fishpond, a pinewood, a beech wood, two meadows, and a lake.  We had fun hunting for and sorting different minibeasts and looked at different types of tress, using a clinometer to measure the height.  It was a long bus journey, but worth it. A fab day out!!  Since we ‘ve been back in class, we have researching information and writing reports about of favourite minibeast.

Towards the end of term, we had a great morning developing basic tennis skills with visitors from Sports Wales.  We played lots of different team games, earning points for different skills, but remembering to work well as a team.

We have had a great term, a brilliant way to end our time in year 3.

stars Autumn 2015-16

What a wonderful first term in the juniors!! Our theme has been ‘Sensoria’.  We have learnt so many new things about light and sound.  To begin our theme we visited Ysgol Heol Goffa .  We had a brilliant experience there, learning how we use each of our senses and the importance of light and sound.  As we loved taking part in the atmospheric sessions using our sense of touch and smell we decided to create a sensory area in our classroom.  In this area we have lights, soft seating, lava lamps, dancing water speakers and scented materials. It creates a lovely calming and relaxing area of the classroom. 

We enjoyed comparing sounds heard on our two different sound walks, one at Heol Goffa School and the other at our school, we identified many differences and similarities, developing our ICT skills to record and share sound clips.  We have looked at inventors and their inventions and had great fun researching information about Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.  We discovered many interesting facts and created biographies using the fantastic facts.    

This term we have had great fun story mapping and retelling the stories Chicken Licken and Anansi and the Four Bananas. We have enjoyed innovating these stories and have developed lots of writing techniques.

A new character has arrived in year 3, who is known as Percy the Spider.  He reminds us of the importance of perseverance.  Together with Percy, we brainstormed ways to encourage us to persevere and we are now using these ideas when we get stuck.  We often used the phrase ‘Stuck? Great! Now the learning begins.’ 

What an enjoyable autumn term! 

stars Spring Term 2015-16

Big Write IMG 0052 1 IMG 0112 1
Internet Safety St Davids World Book Day
St Davids (1)

Year Three have had a varied, interesting and fun term filled with lots of great learning experiences. This term has seen many changes for our class and alongside having a new teacher and teaching assistant the pupils have been thoroughly enjoying taking part in our new “Big Write” sessions for extended writing

Our theme this term has been “Gods and Mortals” and so we have been learning all about ancient Greece and its myths and legends. We took inspiration from ancient Greek myths like Jason and the Golden Fleece and the legend of the Trojan horse to write our own Greek adventures, got hands on and messy making Greek style coil pots and even held a mini Olympics with year 3/4.

Our theme also inspired our main science investigation this term. After researching archery and thoroughly planning our test year 3 were sent on the yard with bows, arrows and measuring equipment where they safely discovered that the further back you pull the bowstring the further the arrow travels.

Alongside our regular learning our class has also had the fantastic opportunity of taking part in three weeks of swimming lessons. All pupils made excellent progress over the course of the lessons and are all far more confident in the water.

We have all enjoyed and have learnt so much this term that we are sorry to see our “Gods and Mortals” theme end. However, next term we are starting our new art based theme “Urban Pioneers” which is set to be just as exciting.

stars summer 2015-16

Once again this term has been as fun filled as it has been productive for year three pupils. We have worked on a wide variety of projects, learned an awful lot and had great fun along the way. 

Our first theme this term was “Tremors” through which we learned all about volcanoes and how different rocks are formed. This topic took us far underground into the spectacular depths of Dan-yr-Ogof caves and, more locally, to Burry Port’s beautiful beach where we were amazed at the variety of rock types we found.  Back in class we took inspiration from volcanoes we studied to each compose a volcano shape poem and worked collaboratively to create our very own explosive volcanoes using vinegar and baking soda. 

In the second half of the term we moved on to the mouth-watering theme “scrumdiddlyumptious”. Though this theme we learnt all about healthy eating, dental care, weights and measures and even designed and marketed our very own branded smoothie recipe! While making these smoothies we tasted a wide variety of fruits, choosing only the best combination of flavours. We carefully weighed each ingredient to record our recipe before designing eye-catching logos and using our persuasive writing skills to create amazing adverts for our drinks.    

Alongside our regular learning, our class has also had the fantastic opportunity of taking part in music lessons with Mr Jennings where we learned to perform “The lion sleeps tonight” using boom whacker tubes and also thoroughly enjoyed having Mrs Lewis visit our class to boost our already great Welsh language skills.    

As a result of all the hard work and excitement this term Year 3 more than deserve their summer holiday but we are all really looking forward to September when our learning adventure continues in year 4!

stars Autumn 2016-17

Year Three have had a fantastic first term in Key Stage 2 with all pupils transitioning well and thoroughly enjoying being in the older half of the school. The term started off with a surprise when we came into school only to find that a river had wound its way into our classroom! This kicked off our first exciting topic “Flow”, through which we learnt all about river features, river animals and the importance of water conservation. To enhance our learning we arranged a trip to the River Gwendraeth where we saw first-hand how a river flows and how man tried to harness the power of rivers for industry.

Developing on the work started in “Flow”, we then went on to study animals and were tasked with researching and writing reports on some of our favourite wild animals for an encyclopedia. We learnt all the important features necessary for report writing and carefully researched and planned their reports, which were as well written as they were informative. We then used the information in these reports to help us create a branch databases using J2data where animals could be classified and sorted according to characteristics (i.e. herbivore/carnivore).

As well as all this, we have also been lucky this term to have the support of two specialist teachers visiting our class - a Music teacher, Mr Jennings and a Welsh teacher, Mrs Griffiths. During Mr Jennings classes, we have developed our musical ability by learning about different beats, collaborating to write our own Christmas song and even working together to perform songs using instruments called boom whackers! Mrs Griffiths has been teaching us all about the Welsh alphabet and through games and fun activities we have learnt how to discuss our favourite books in Welsh.

And so, as our first term of fun and hard work comes to an end, we are all in need of a well-earned rest. Particularly, as when we come back in the New Year we will be travelling far back in time to the iron-age to meet the ancient Celts! Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all in Year Three!



stars Spring 2016-17

Year 3 have all worked hard throughout this fun-filled, action-packed spring term. The year started with us introducing our new topic all about the Celts.  Pupils all thoroughly enjoyed this topic and there imagination ran wild the day a Celtic roundhouse magically appeared in our classroom. To find out more about how the Celts lived we actually travelled back in time through a mystical time machine to reach the Celtic village of Castell Henllys! By speaking to and helping the Celts who lived there we learnt a lot which allowed us to have our own Celtic theme days in school. On these days we baked Celtic bread, designed and made shields and even build our own miniature Celtic village using traditional building methods.   

In our English lessons this term, we have learnt how to write biographies of famous people and each given a presentation on and written about the amazing astronaut Neil Armstrong! We have also looked at the wonderful world of dishwashers to learn how a write an explanation text. Thought you knew how a dishwasher works? Ask any Year 3 pupil and they will tell you the shocking truth! 

Our most recent topic has been Tremors! which is all about earthquakes, volcanoes and geology. At the start of term we had a visit from Mr Mathias and his grandson Marco. They brought with them a remarkable fossil collection which we able to examine and study. This inspired us to go on our own fossil hunt on Burry Port beach. Although we were unable to find any fossils we were all amazed at the variety of rocks we found.   

All the pupils are now looking forward to the summer term when we will be developing our forest school area, doing more work outside and also taking part in swimming lessons. Our summer term topics are “Scrumdiddlyumptious”, a food based topic, and “Urban Pioneers”, an art based topic. We can’t wait!


stars Summer 2016-17

Starting a business, swimming, gardening, creating modern art... just a few of the activities that have taken place in Year 3's action-packed summer term!
In the first half of the term we worked collaboratively with Year 2 on a joint project for entrepreneurial week. Our task was to create a 'healthy' or 'eco' product which we could sell in school to make a profit. We worked together to come with several excellent ideas before finally voting to make key rings out of recycled crisp packets. We researched the price of split rings, created persuasive adverts and finally set up stall in the school to sell our product. It was a great success and we made over £70 profit! 
During the recent heatwave, Year 3 were lucky enough to escape the heat of the classroom to attend swimming lessons at Llanelli Leisure Centre. Over the three week course, all pupils made fantastic progress and really enjoyed putting their new swimming skills to the test during the final swimming festival day attended by parents and carers. 
Our most recent theme has been 'Urban Pioneers' an art based topic through which we have explored modern art and considered whether or not graffiti should be classed as art. We have studied how modern art developed and looked closely at the work of artists such as Mondrian who used primary colours and quadrilateral shapes to create striking images. Taking inspiration from Mondrian, we painted beautiful modern art versions of a local landmark: Burry Port lighthouse.
Finally, a part of Wales in Bloom competition, our class have put their green fingers to work sprucing up the school, maintaining our class flower bed and most recently designing and building a 'fairy garden' in the school which included a maze and miniature homes in which the fairies can live. We are very proud of our creation and are now checking it regularly to see if anyone has moved in.
As Year 3 draws to an end, we can reflect on what we have learnt and all fun we have had over the year. From learning about rivers through 'Flow', role playing the Celts through 'Tribe' and explored the treasures of the earth through 'Tremors', the learning has been wide ranging and non-stop. We all deserve our well earned rest over the holidays and are looking forward to the exciting new topics in Year 4!

stars Autumn 2017-18

20170915 100955685 Ios IMG 20171114 093832 IMG 20171114 133253
IMG 20171129 132043 IMG 20171208 115009

For Blwyddyn 3 the Autumn term has been full of fun, exciting learning experiences. Our first topic of the term was “Flow” through which we learnt all about rivers. To learn more we organized a trip to the River Gwendraeth in Kidwelly and, on a particularly rainy day, saw first-hand how rain water trickles into the river making the water level rise and the river flow faster. Back in class we built on our trip experience through lots of fun activities such as researching rivers online, measuring river profiles, creating databases of world rivers, writing explanations of how rivers flow and painting beautiful river scene pictures.


In addition to our river work, the class decided that we also wanted to learn about bridges. We were given the challenge to design a new bridge for pedestrians to cross the River Gwendraeth. To do this, we researched different bridge types, designed bridges, collaborated in groups to discuss and refine our designs and finally worked together to build our bridges in class. It was great fun and all groups successfully made strong sturdy bridges.


In our English lessons we have been learning how to write exciting adventure stories and how to use descriptive language to make our writing more exhilarating and interesting to read. We also have been learning how to write explanation texts and wrote excellent explanations of crazy contraptions such as the “teacher pleaser machine”. 


This term we have also been lucky enough to have music lessons with Mr Jennings. We worked in groups to plan and perform our own weather related musical compositions using a wide range of percussion instruments. We have also thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and getting in touch with nature while exploring our amazing forest school with Mrs Mellor.


As the autumn term comes to an end we are all proud of what we have accomplished and deserve a good rest over the holidays ready for exciting new challenges in the spring term. Merry Christmas from Blwyddyn 3!








stars Spring 2017-18

Blwyddyn 3 started the new year by exploring the fascinating world of wild animals through our amazing topic : Predators.  We learnt all about how animals gain energy by consuming plants, other animals or both! We traced the transfer of energy from one life form to another by researching and plotting food chains. We even got an opportunity to discover first-hand what predators eat by dissecting owl pellets to find the undigested bones of their prey. Gory but great! 


We also applied what we learnt about predators in a creative way to create very own imaginary predators. We had to consider the appearance, habitat and diet of our animals before designing and crafting models using chicken wire and papier-mâché.  Once completed, we each took on the role of wildlife experts using Microsoft PowerPoint to present our imaginary animals to the class.     


Our class also decided we wanted to create our own computer games to match our theme.  We explored existing animal games such as Flappy Bird and Angry Birds before using our block coding skills to create our own versions of the games. Try them at home! Some are very tricky! 


Did you know there was a mysterious predator on the loose in Pembrey last month? Don’t worry the mystery was solved by Blwyddyn 3 pupils who applying their reading skills to search for clues in newspapers, witness statements and expert opinions. We were able to piece together the animal’s appearance, diet and habitat before working together to identify the creature. It turned out to be a pine marten! 


In the lead up to St David’s day, we all considered how lucky we were to be raised is such a beautiful country.  We each wrote rhyming poems to share what being Welsh meant to us as individuals. Our class also explored some of the ancient myths and legends of Wales and chose learn the story of King Arthur and The Sword in the Stone.  We worked hard to learn the entire story and retell it with expression before performing it in front of the whole school in the hall on St David’s day.   


Finally, as well as appreciating our own culture we also explored the culture of China by celebrating the Chinese New Year in class. We crafted paper lanterns out of lucky red card, researched and painted our names in Chinese characters and we each prepared and cooked the delicious traditional food for the new year: jiaozi (steamed beef dumplings). We have had such fun this term and have learnt so much but are eagerly awaiting the summer term when our learning will continue through our new topics Scrumdiddlyumptious and Tremors. Have a happy Easter! Pasg Hapus! 


stars Summer 2017-18

IMG 20180420 115218 IMG 20180516 140502 IMG 20180517 101300 IMG 20180517 101631 IMG 20180618 100701 IMG 20180618 102035 IMG 20180619 WA0003 IMG 20180619 WA0005
Blwyddyn 3 have worked hard, had fun and had yet another fantastic term. We started the term by learning all about famous modern artists though our topic “Urban Pioneers”. With the help of Miss Lewis, our student teacher, we explored how modern artists reimagined art and introduced many new styles. One artist we particularly enjoyed learning about was Piet Mondrian. We learned that Mondrian used his understanding of maths such as right angles, parallel lines and quadrilateral shapes to create his masterpieces. While listening to Mondrian’s favourite music, Boogie Woogie, we then each set about applying our own mathematical skills to create our own colourful, Mondrian inspired paintings.
Our next topic was “Tremors” thorough which we learnt about rocks, fossils, earthquakes and volcanoes. We learnt how to identify the different types of rocks and even discovered that some igneous rocks float! We had the opportunity to study the fossilized remains of plants and creatures from millions of years ago by having the school’s fossil collection in our hands-on Discovery zone. We also applied our language skills and used features such as onomatopoeia, alliteration and similes to create a range of hazard inspired, shape poems. However, the most popular class activity of the term was the creation of our very own erupting volcanoes using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar (apologies if we came home smelling of vinegar!)
Alongside our regular topics we also learnt about Amelia Earthart’s record breaking flight across the Atlantic and landing in Burry Port. We visited the harbour where we met the harbour master who told us all about the lighthouse and its history. Blwyddyn 3 girls were invited to take part in a special STEM event organized by our AM Lee Waters and took part in lots for inspiring science, technology, engineering and maths challenges.  Blwyddyn 3 boys celebrated the anniversary of Ameila Earhart’s landing by making their own airplanes and measuring the distance they travelled across our hall.
All Blwyddyn 3 pupils have given their best this year and should be really proud of what they have achieved. They thoroughly deserve their holiday but are already looking forward to all the exciting new topics that await them in Blwyddyn 4!

stars Autumn Term 2018-19

For Blwyddyn 3 the Autumn term has been full of fun, exciting learning experiences. Our first topic of the term was “Flow” through which we learnt all about rivers. To learn more, we organized a trip to the River Gwendraeth in Kidwelly and saw first-hand how rain water trickles into the river making the water level rise and the river flow faster. Back in class we built on our trip experience through lots of fun activities such as researching rivers online, measuring river profiles, writing acrostic poems and painting beautiful river scene pictures in the style of George Seurat. 

Blwyddyn 3 have made a great effort to improve our times table knowledge over the past term with daily ttrockstar quiz sessions (accompanied by classic rock music) as well as playing exciting online games. They have also learnt how to put this knowledge to good use to solve trick real-life problems using their times tables 

This term we have also been lucky enough to have lessons Chinese language and culture with Mr Deng our visiting Chinese teacher and even learnt the basics of Tai Chi. We have also been learning to play the recorder with Mrs Davies and have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and getting in touch with nature while exploring our amazing forest school with Mrs Mellor. 

As the autumn term comes to an end, we are all proud of what we have accomplished and deserve a good rest over the holidays ready for exciting new challenges in the spring term. Merry Christmas from Blwyddyn 3!

stars Spring 2018-19

Blwyddyn 3 has had a spring term full of wonderful learning experiences. Our first topic of the term was “Predator” through which we learnt all about wild animals. We discovered that energy is transferred between living creatures along a food chain and that animals can be classified in different ways based on what they eat. Have you ever wondered what an owl eats? Blwyddyn 3 discovered first hand a when they were given the mission of dissecting an owl pellet. Through careful dissection, they discovered the undigested bones and fur and identified them as parts of mice! A little gory but very fascinating! We also fired up our imaginations to create our own imaginary creatures. These we designed, described and then finally created using chicken wire and paper mache 

Blwyddyn 3 were also lucky enough to have a number of visitors to class to help us with our learning. These included sports students from Coleg Sir Gar who taught us rugby skills through fun, exciting games and mindfulness expert Amelia Stone who taught us how to clear our minds, remain calm and focus on the moment.   

Our second topic of the term was ‘Tribe’. Through this topic we learn about the Celts who lived around 2000 years ago. We learnt how they lived by building our very own roundhouse in class, we discovered how they made clothes by learning to weave and even researched one of their most famous leaders the fierce Queen Boudicca who lead the fight against the Roman invasion. During this topic we also took the opportunity to explore the Welsh identity. We learnt and performed our class myth ‘The Sword in the Stone’ as part of our St. David’s Day celebrations and wrote poems all about being Welsh. 

What an exciting spring term we have had but there is much more ahead as we return in the summer term for our school’s 50th anniversary celebrations, swimming lessons and much ,much more. Pasg hapus Blywddyn 3!

stars Summer 2018-19

What a fantastic end to a brilliant year for Blwyddyn 3! We took part in 3 weeks of fantastic swimming lessons during which all pupils had lots of fun and made great progress. We learned about the mysterious artist Banksy and created our own pictures in his style. As part of our school’s 50thanniversary celebrations we have been learning in class all about our local area. We made maps, measured distances and even created our very own sign post showing directions, distances and travel times to local landmarks. We also learned to collaborate in the online world of Minecraft to create 3d versions based on our blueprints of local buildings. We were even lucky enough to work with the famous artist Rhiannon Roberts to create a beautiful mural of Pembrey with the school at its heart! Let’s not forget our amazing performance at the 50th anniversary concert where we rapped all about our favourite place: Pembrey! Now it’s time for a well-earned rest before coming back for more exciting learning in Blwyddyn 4!

stars Autumn 2019-2020

Collaboration Maths Outdoors Maths Outside
PC Craig Capture Capture2

For Blwyddyn 3 the Autumn term has been full of fun, exciting learning experiences. Our first topic of the term was “Flow” through which we learnt all about rivers. To learn more, we organized a trip to the River Gwendraeth in Kidwelly and saw first-hand how rain water trickles into the river - making the water level rise and the river flow faster. Back in class we built on our trip experience through lots of fun missions such as exploring how dams change river-systems in augmented reality, measuring and modelling river profiles, writing explanations of how rivers flow and painting beautiful river scene pictures in the style of Claude Monet. 

Blwyddyn 3 have also be working on activities which build our learning power. We have worked hard on developing our listening skills, collaborated well with others to complete tasks and improved our resilience by persevering when we face challenges.

In our Maths lessons, we have been exploring the relationship between numbers through our work on place value. We have also been putting our times table knowledge to good use to solve problems in everyday contexts and understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. Blwyddyn 3 have also enjoyed taking our maths lessons outside and applying our skills in our local environment.  

All members of our class gave an outstanding in this year’s Christmas show “A Magical Christmas Jigsaw”. Whether they were a star, roman soldier, mouse or hen, they all played their part with enthusiasm and confidence and should all be very proud of their achievement.

This term we have also been lucky enough to have had a visit from PC Craig who taught us all how to be safe online. We have also been learning to play the recorder with Mrs Davies and have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and getting in touch with nature while exploring our amazing forest school with Mrs Mellor. 

As the autumn term comes to an end, we are all proud of what we have accomplished and deserve a good rest over the holidays ready for exciting new challenges in the spring term. Merry Christmas from Blwyddyn 3!

stars Spring 2019-20


World Book Day Chinese New Year Castell Henllys

Blwyddyn 3 have had a magical term exploring Wales’ Celtic heritage. We started by learning all about the legends of Merlin and King Arthur and exploring their local connections. Did you know Carmarthen in Welsh is Caerfyddin which means Merlin’s fort? We read stories about them, role-played scenes and wrote detailed character profiles for each of them. We even retold the story of the Sword in the Stone in front of the whole school during our St David’s day celebrations. We were fantastic! 

To learn more about how the Celts lived we took a trip back in time and visited a real Iron-Age hillfort in Castell HenllysPembrokeshire. At first the Celts who lived there wanted to attack us, but we soon became friends and they showed us around their wonderful village. They taught us how to make bread by grinding wheat on a quern stone, how to build a wattle and daub wall and how to defend a spear attack with a shield. Finally, as a parting gift we were all offered the chance to have our faces painted with intricate Celtic patterns. What a memorable experience! 

Back in school we continued to learn more about the Celts by designing our own Celtic knots and working collaboratively to build our very own roundhouse models. We discovered that there were Iron-Age settlements just like Castell Henllys right here in Pembrey. History on our doorstep! We then applied our knowledge of area and perimeter to produce blueprints of what the Pembrey roundhouses might have looked like. We then were able to reconstruct these buildings in the online platform “Minecraft". 

What a great spring term we had learning all about our heritage and history! Blwyddyn 3’s next topic will be “Tremors" through which we will learn about earthquakes, volcanoes and other fantastic forces of nature.