Welcome to Year 4


Croeso I Flwyddyn 4 

Wishing you a warm welcome to Year Four – croeso! 

Reading Books 

Please ensure that children bring their reading books and personal Pembrey School Contact Books to school every day. Pupils are encouraged to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. Books will be changed as and when required. Children are encouraged to read a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books to develop their interests as a reader and their skills in order for them to become life-long learners. 


We visit the village library every other Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their book in school to change on this day. I 

P.E. lessons 

Please would you ensure that your child brings gym kit to school on these days. Kit is a plain white T-shirt and navy or black shorts/tracksuit trousers. For your child’s safety, no jewellery is to be worn and long hair should be tied back. Trainers are not allowed during dance and gymnastics lessons in the hall, however, light-weight black pumps are permitted. 

Please ensure that sensible footwear (trainers/ togs) is provided, as well as a warm PE kit (white t-shirt, black/navy jogging trousers, warm jumper/hoodie) to allow your child to participate in team sports. 


Spelling/language/Maths homework is given on Monday to be returned to school by Thursday to be marked. On occasions extra or different work is given in line with class theme – therefore, please can you provide your child with an A4 file for their homework tasks. On weekends pupils may have activities to complete on TT Rockstars as an additional task. 

Forest Schools 

Every Thursday your child will have the opportunity to venture in to our exciting Forest Schools area to develop their skills in our ‘outdoor classroom’ with Mrs A Mellor. Please provide suitable clothing on this day. 

Weekly timetable 


Spelling and Number homework (Hand in Thursday) 


  • Library(fortnightly) 


  • Outdoor PE – white t-shirt/school jumper/navy joggers/trainers/togs 


  • Hand in Tuesday and Wednesday’s homework
  • Forest School (Mrs A Mellar) 


  • Spelling /Mental Maths Test  

  • Indoor PE – white t-short/navy shorts/gym shoes(optional) 

  • TT Rockstars homework given. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch! 

Mrs A Davies

(assisted by Mrs M Williams, Mrs A Mellar)

stars Autumn Term 2014-15

IMG 2135 IMG 2155 IMG 2157
IMG 2239 IMG 2304 IMG 2356
IMG 3287 Mr Conways Flying Machines 010 Mr Conways Flying Machines 019
Mr Conways Flying Machines 021


We have had a very busy term with lots of fun learning activities going on. In class we have had the topic of ‘Flight Engineers’. Amongst other things we have done lots of research, reading and writing work on Amelia Earhart. Plus we have studied Forces and Air Resistance in Science. We tested the effects of air resistance on different size parachutes and looked at the length of wings when making aeroplanes that fly – this is us carrying out our experiments. 

Our Eco target is school grounds so we have been busy working with Ami from the RSPB. She has helped us to create bird feeders in our school grounds and also build a ‘Minibeast Mansion’ to create a safe home for lots of bugs and insects.

We love learning in Year 4/5 and are looking forward to doing even more next term!

Dosbarth Mrs. A Davies

stars Spring Term 2014-15

IMG 0881 IMG 0953 IMG 2775
IMG 2777


For Year 4/5 it has been a busy term full of interesting, enjoyable learning experiences. To begin with we have been doing lots of creative poetry and creative writing. We have been using the theme of ‘Winter’ as a stimulus.

We have also been learning about how Pembrey and Burry Port looked 100 years ago, compared to how it looks today. We compared and contrasted pictures to see how it has changed. Did you know the Pembrey Inn used to be called the Commercial Arms 100 years ago?

We were also lucky enough to work with a local photographer called Ken Day. He photographs landscapes and, together, we went out in to the local community to take photographs of how Pembrey and Burry Port looks today. We also looked at a series of artists and styles of painting and how it has developed over the last 100 years, from Piet Mondrian to Andy Warhol -  we looked at many.

Finally we have been learning about Medieval Wales and the story of Princess Gwenllian and her connection to Kidwelly Castle. We went on a visit to the castle to paint watercolour paintings of it in the style of JMW Turner. We have also had fun by having medieval days in school where we made pottage for our medieval banquet, created our own shields and participated (safely) in some archery. We did say we had been busy!

stars Summer Term 2014-15

In Year 4/5 we have loved this Summer Term as we have had lots and lots of enjoyable things to do – and loads of it was outdoors and saw us having fun in the sun.

For our theme ‘Sportswear Designers’ we have been busy creating our own sports day t-shirts, five teams have worked together to plan, design and advertise our own t-shirts and mottos. The teams were Shark (Speed of a shark with power and strength), Thor (Be A God!), Rings (Go for Olympic Gold), Blast (Fight fire with fire), Strike (Aim and Achieve)  and Heart (Healthy heart, healthy mind). Mr Conlon, one of our Governors printed them for us, they were really good, so thank you Mr Conlon! We are now looking forward to a movie afternoon when the other classes can watch our adverts on the big screen!

We have also been on a class trip to Craig Y Nos Country Park in the Brecon Beacons for our theme ‘Disaster Zone’. We looked at the River Tawe, measuring flow, width, depth and gradient, as it journeys from its source, down the hills.  It was funny as all the sheep were keeping a close eye on what we were up to!

With help from home we also did presentations to the class on a ‘Natural Disaster’, we were excellent speakers as we researched our topic really well, spoke clearly and made eye contact. It was a challenge but we did an excellent job.

Sports Day was great fun this year, we are all good runners and enjoy taking part and working as part of a team. We have also had a tennis skills session which was fun.

We are now looking forward to going to the Upper Juniors where we know there will be more fun experiences and lots of exciting and challenging learning going on. See you in September!

stars Autumn 2015-16

It has been a hectic term for Year 4 this autumn. Our theme has been ‘Flight Engineers’  and to start the term off we had a visit from Pantglas Birds of Prey – they were excellent, we met lots of their birds , plus we all held ‘Amber’ the owl. She was very heavy and stared straight in to our eyes!

We also did a class assembly this term and we chose to do it on the theme of ‘Courage’. We all spoke very well and were very proud of ourselves. We performed the story of David and Goliath and had a special visit from The Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart! These are all people who showed that they were both brave and courageous. Our message to the family and friends that came along to watch us was that, sometimes we have to be brave and face our fears yet this can be hard at times; however if we persevere and try our best, this can make us stronger inside.

In class we have been developing our ability to ‘persevere’. We have a spider in class called ‘Percy Perseverance’; he is a good example for perseverance because when a spider makes a web it takes time and care, especially as the task is quite complicated and challenging.  We have been learning different ways to help us face tasks and activities that are challenging and we have had to persevere to complete them successfully. For example, in Science we had to use our prediction and measuring skills to determine what effect gravity and air resistance had on flying objects – this took time, care and perseverance! 

This term we have also been doing the story ‘Pegasus the Winged Horse’ – ask us to tell it to you, we know it really well and have actions to go with it! Scan the QR code to hear some of us tell it to you.

We have had lots of visitors to the class too - can you see the picture of Evan and Alfie learning about healthy teeth by being a dentist and patient? Plus we went on a Hockey Skills session in Coleg Sir Gar.

After such a busy term we hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday and would like to wish you a very ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ from Year 4.

We are looking forward to lots more learning in 2016!


stars Spring Term 2015-16


Castell Henllys 013 Castell Henllys 035 Castell Henllys 069
Collaboration 001 Collaboration 003 Collaboration 006

Once again the Spring Term has been a busy one for Year 4. Our theme has been ‘I am Warrior’. We have been looking at the Celtic period in History and how the Romans invaded Britain and ended the Iron Age. We visited Castell Henllys where we met the Demetae tribe. We went inside a Celtic roundhouse, made our own bread, built wattle and daub walls in the mud and had our faces painted in woad. We had a great time and would love to go back again.

We also celebrated St David’s Day this term. Each class had to retell a well known story from the Mabinogion. We chose to do ‘The Dream of Maxen Wledig’. We performed it really well. It is the story of how a Roman Emperor had a dream about his future wife. He dreamt he would find her where there were even mountains, rugged rocks and rushing rivers. This land was Snowdonia. Eventually he travelled and found her. The song ‘Yma o Hyd’ sings of Maxen in the very first verse. Ask us to tell you the story some time.

In class we have been developing our ability to ‘collaorate’. We have been creating Powerpoint presentations on Celtic life and have had to work together online to develop it. This has been great for our ICT skills.

We have also been speaking lots of Welsh this term. We have been learning to speak about ‘Cymru’ - Wales, our beautiful country, and also ‘Cartrefi’ all about the houses we live in. We have earned lots of Tocynnau Iaith and have been winning lots of certificates in assembly for the class that speaks the most welsh.

For World Book Day we went down to the Foundation Phase classes and read them their favourite stories. We really enjoyed this as we could show them what good readers we are in Year 4 but also got to spend time sharing some lovely stories.

We have ended the term during Fairtrade Fortnight. For this we have been finding out about the journey a simple banana has to go on just to get to our supermarket shelves. We found out that we need to buy foods with the fairtrade logo on to be sure everyone in the chain is paid a fair price.

Once again another term has ended. We are looking forward now to our final term of fun learning in Year Four!

stars Summer 2015-16

Year Four have had a lovely summer term, working hard and having fun as usual. The last few weeks have been very busy. Our theme has been about Mountains and we have been looking at five well known ones – Snowdon, Matterhorn, Everest, K2 and Aconcagua. We researched them, created a fact file and did a PowerPoint to show what we had learnt.

To go with the theme we went on a class trip to Craig Y Nos Country Park in the Brecon Beacons. There we learnt about mountain survival. We began by working as teams to learn the skills of map reading and building shelters – very important if you get lost or stranded on a mountain. In the afternoon we climbed Penwyllt – it was just us and some very nimble sheep! As it was a quarrying area for limestone and coal many years ago we enjoyed finding out about the sinkholes that had appeared on the landscape. We ended by sketching the Black Mountain view.

In Art we have been looking at the similar painting styles of two welsh landscape artists – Helen Elliot and Dorian Spencer Davies. Both use the painting technique that involves painting the picture and then outlining in black. We hope you like the end results shown here.

In our Welsh lessons we have been on safari! We have been learning to describe all the animals you would see in Botswana.  We have laughed because lots of the welsh names are very similar – hippopotamws, mwnci, jiraff, sebra …  but can you guess what a llewpart, llew or aderyn might be?

We have also had a very sporty term; we have been having weekly rugby sessions with the WRU. We have learnt about ‘popping’ the ball, creating space to pass and scoring tries – the WRU coach said we were the ‘best class he had ever seen for picking up passing skills’! In Athletics we have been measuring our throwing skills, we have been learning to throw the javelin, shotput and discus, then worked out our average and personal best. Finally we have been practising for Sports Day – lots of fitness fun.

Unfortunately our time in Year Four has come to an end and we are getting ready to move on to our next class.  It’s been a brilliant year and Mrs Davies is sorry to see us move on; however, we are looking forward to going to the Upper Juniors and the challenge that lies ahead. Bring it on! See you in September!


stars Autumn 2016-17

We have been working very hard this autumn in Year 4/5.  To start the term off we wrote all about ourselves – but we had to write in welsh. Our theme has been ‘Roses and Royals’ and this has had a Tudor focus.  To start the term off we had to research all about the Tudor family tree, focussing on Henry VII and his brother Henry VIII – this was quite a bit of work as their lives were quite complicated! The family tree was particularly difficult to organise so that we could include all six wives – including Katharine of Aragon, twice, as she married both brothers!

For us one of the most exciting experiences of the term was our Tudor Days. Our classroom was transformed in to a castle where we had to dress up in Tudor clothes and do  lots of different activities for Queen D and Princess Mandy – we chopped and diced vegetables in the kitchen, made a Tudor shield for protection, played Tudor games outside, created a play to entertain the court and made Tudor houses. It was great fun and yet we learned a lot about Tudor life at the same time. We ended the two day event with a Tudor banquet where we cooked our vegetables and made pottage and drank Tudor mead (made with apple juice and honey). It was a wonderful couple of days.

In class we have also been working on diary writing. We started by writing our own personal diaries and then we had to get ‘in character’ and imagine what it must be like to experience someone else’s feelings and emotions. Another diary entry we created was built around a character who had a dilemma and we discussed what it was like to have a choice and ow you feel when you make the wrong choice – this happened in a short film we watched called ‘Dangle’ – of you see one of us, ask us to tell you about it. Finally we wrote about the emotional battle between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, we learnt that there are two sides to every story but that the emotion of what is happening to that character need to be clear in the word choices we make.  We are proud of what we have written.

In Science, we have been finding out how we can reduce our global footprint and make our planet more sustainable. We asked family and friends about their recycling habits and if they realised how long things take to decompose if they are just sent straight to a landfill site. We were quite surprised by what we found out. 

Look at our posters created – they are here in the magazine!

After such a busy term we hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday and would like to wish you a very ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ from Year 4/5.

We are looking forward to lots more learning in 2017!




stars Spring 2016-17

This Spring Term Year 4/5 have one again been very busy. In our class we love learning – let us tell you what we have been up to.

We began the year by doing lots of work on our topic of ‘Road Trip GB’. We had to research a tour for a family of four visiting Great Britain that would incorporate travelling to England, Scotland and Wales. We were put in groups and each group was given a brief and budget. It was then up to us to create an Excel document of the costs and a PowerPoint presentation to share our plans for the places they could visit. This has proved a challenging task and has asked us to develop lots of our ICT skills. We can now plan your summer holidays for you if you like?

For St David’s Day we retold the story of ‘The Dream of Macsen Wledig’. This is a Welsh tale about a Roman Emperor who fell in love with the land of Snowdonia and a beautiful girl who lived there called Elen. We listened to the Welsh song ‘Yma O Hyd’ as he is mentioned in the lyrics. We all learnt the whole story and can retell it beautifully with lots of actions too. In our daily Welsh sessions we have also been learning about ‘Cymru’. We can answer lots of questions about the land in which we live in and tell you our likes and dislikes. We are proud of this achievement.

As our theme has had a strong ICT focus, this term we have also been learning about staying safe online. We have had a visit from PC Williams who taught us all about the importance of protecting ourselves with safe passwords, about not sharing images of ourselves and not believing all we see and read about online. In lessons we have also learned the rules of safe searching and what to do if we are do not feel safe with something we see online. In Year 4/5 we all want to enjoy using the World Wide Web but we need to be sure we know how to use it safely and sensibly. This is a photo of us displaying examples of safe passwords – can you guess what they are? Are your passwords safe or do you need to change yours?

This term has also been quite exciting as the Year Four half of the class has been working on the project about ‘Gwyr Y Bwelli Bach’ with Megan Clark-Bagnell, a creative artist appointed by the pupils. While Year Five had been busy doing adventurous activities down in Pendine, learning outdoor skills such as high ropes and archery. 

We have had a lovely Spring Term and are looking forward to some more fun learning experiences in the Summer Term. Hwyl fawr!


stars Summer 2016-17

                  We have had a lovely summer term studying our two themes ‘Potions’ and ‘Sportswear Designers’.              

                  At the start of the summer term we began our ‘Potions’ topic by taking a trip to Penybedd Woods near Pembrey Country Park. We did lots of different things while we were there, like a scavenger hunt and environmental art, however our final task was to try and capture the scent of the forest by creating a woodland potion. It was surprising how, when we were back in school, we could still smell the forest smell by sniffing our ‘Woodland Potions’. During the term our main maths focus was capacity, we did lots of work on estimating, measuring and finding the volumes of different liquids. It was very practical maths and we really enjoyed it.

                  For ‘Sportswear Designers’ we had to research the stories behind our favourite sporting logos.  It was more surprising than we thought.  After the research we had to develop and create our own sporting logo. Mr Conlon (a Governor at our school) kindly offered to print them off. What do you think? We shall be making adverts for them next – watch this space! We have also completed some art stencilling in the style of Banksy, we had sporting actions silhouetted on a wall backdrop. They look very cool.

                  This term we have also had Entrepreneurial Week, we were in a team with Reception class. We priced, made and sold ‘Fruity Pancake Kebabs’. They were great fun to make and we used lots of our maths skills to work out the costings and profit. We were runners up.

                  In Welsh we have been talking about our pets ‘ Anifail Anwes’. We have brought in our pet photos and written about them, please ask us a welsh question about them to help us develop our oracy skills.

                  Finally we have also been researching, as reading detectives, the similarities between Wales and Patagonia and we were surprised to discover the connection with our and their heritage. We used this information to write a report about the country. It was very interesting.

                  We cannot believe we have come to the end of a year in Blwyddyn 4/5. We hope you have a lovely summer – mwynhewch!

stars Autumn 2017-18

Carew 3 Carew 4 Carew 5
Henry Vii Mag 6 Tudor Mag 1 Tudor Mag 2


It has been a wonderful start to the new school year in Year 4. Firstly we started the year off with a school trip to begin our topic for the term, ‘Roses and Royals’. We visited Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire for a Tudor experience. It was great fun – we worked in the kitchen chopping herbs and vegetables, did some wool weaving to make a simple Tudor blanket and practised our handwriting skills in a Tudor classroom where we had to use a quill and ink (this was trickier than you would think!) Back in school we then had Tudor days where we dressed up in Tudor clothes, used j2e to create Tudor Top Trump cards, prepared our own pottage, made Tudor shields and Tudor houses, played Tudor games and created Tudor plays. These days were great fun and we really felt as though we had travelled back in time when Queen D and Princess Williams (Mrs Davies and Mrs Williams) greeted us in their Tudor royal clothing too! 

This term we have also shared with you our learning experiences on the human body by showing our friends and family our class assembly called ‘It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts’. It was about a group of skeletons who had ‘lost their skin’ so they all looked the same and did not feel they were special and unique anymore. However the important message we learned from this was that even though we may all look different, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – our qualities. 

In Writing we have been doing character profiles and that was about looking at the qualities that different people possess. We wrote about Roald Dahl’s BFG, who may look scary but was actually kind and friendly. However, we contrasted that with King Henry VIII who looked scary - and actually was scary! Did you know that in his 38 year reign he executed about 70,000 people? That’s about five a day! We soon realised how heartless and cruel he was when we discovered that two of those were his own wives! 

This term we also began our ‘Missions’! Our classrooms have been transformed in to zones, we became secret agents and we all had different missions to do in each of these zones. For example, in the Creative Zone we have been drawing pictures of King Henry VII in the style of Picasso, in the Digital Zone we have been inputing data in to a database we created for King Henry VIII’s wives and in the Discovery Zone we had to find and plot the journey through Wales that King Henry VII took from Mill Bay in Pembrokeshire to the Battle of Bosworth – our map and compass skills were really put to the test! 

I cannot believe how quickly the term has passed and now we have reached Christmas. We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to many more fun learning experiences in 2018 – Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda oddiwrth Blwyddyn Pedwar!



stars Spring 2017-18

We have been working very hard this spring in Year 4. In English we have been writing fantasy stories about a journey. Using the book called ‘The Journey’ by Aaron Beckett as a stimulus; we created our own stories about a journey in to a magic land. We concentrated on using paragraphs, similes, ‘WOW’ descriptive words and complex sentences in our writing – we know how important it is to become a very good writer.

In Maths we began our term focusing on 3D shapes. We explored them in the world around us, in Forest schools, we sorted them in to Venn and Carroll diagrams, placed them in to a branching database on J2Data and made them by using nets. We also learned new 3D shape words like vertices, faces, edges and gave their properties by explaining in detail the faces and edges – it was a challenge at times but we persevered to work it out! Number work has seen us focus on different strategies to solve problems, this has included showing how we think through a problem, or backing up our mathematical theories using evidence we have gathered as proof we are correct.

In Cymraeg our themes have been ‘Cartrefi’ and ‘Cymru’. For Cartrefi we looked closely at ways to describe our homes in detail, we talked about where we live and what our houses are like. You can ask us questions like ‘Sut dy sy gyda ti?’ or ‘Ble rwyt ti’n byw?’ and we can answer in detail – go on, try it out! For ‘Cymru’ we have been looking at Wales and explaining why we like living here. This theme has also linked to St David’s Day where we learned about the welsh legend ‘The Dream of Maxen Wledig’. It is the story of a Roman Emperor who dreamed of visiting Snowdon and falling in love with a beautiful welsh maiden. The Emperor asked a wise Roman sage to help him find her and he did – he travelled to Snowdon and found his love, Elen, in the castle of Aber Sain on Anglesey. Ask us to tell you the story. We shared it with the whole school on St David’s Day and said it proudly, confidently and with enthusiasm.

Our missions this term were about exploring how the digestive system works, putting facts about the digestive organs in to a database and finding out about the journey of food through cartoon storyboard books. This term our theme has been ‘Patagonia’; we have been finding out the connection with Wales and looked at the similarities and differences between our homeland and the region of Patagonia in Argentina/Chile, South America. 

‘Combat’ has been our focus in our dance sessions in PE this term. We have produced performances that illustrate the ‘battle’ of East meets West through performance dance. We created body shapes held in beats of eight; each shape had to tell a musical story of what could happen if a Western soldier were to meet an Eastern warrior. 

Despite this being a short term we have achieved a lot. We are now looking forward to the summer, where we will become ‘Sportswear Designers’ and look at the mountains of the world through the theme ‘Misty Mount Sierra’ – lots of fun still to come!


stars Summer 2017-18

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Once again Year 4 has had a very busy term. Our theme this term has been ‘Sportswear Designers’ and we were set a mission to design a logo and create a slogan for t-shirts that could be bought for our ‘Sports Day’ this year. There were five teams competing and we called ourselves Team Fearless Five, Team Champ, Team Fruit, Team East Beast and Team Firebird. We sold our t-shirts and over 100 pupils bought one so a BIGthank you from Year 4 if you purchased one. We think everyone looks great in them! We have also created adverts to showcase our designs, jingles in Garageband and made posters to promote our product. We have enjoyed developing our business skills doing this!

As it is the Summer Term we have been outside for PE lessons, doing athletic activities. To link in with our Maths we have been measuring the distances we can throw a javelin, shotput, discus and hammer. We recorded this information and calculated our personal best. After that we timed ourselves doing sprints and hurdles, trying to improve our speed, this was great fun.

Doing all this sport is great for our fitness but we have had to think about our health too. We were lucky to have a visit from Mr Tom Price, a Scarlets player. We had lots of questions for him about his diet and exercise regime. He was very interesting to listen to, however for us we were all more excited to hear about the ice bath that the Scarlets have to take to recover after games – brrrr!

We also worked as a class to plan our missions for this theme, we had five missions – creating chalk art of our favourite sports, finding out about the history of the Olympics, writing a script for our adverts, creating a game for us all to play and looking at the speed of top athletes in Olympic races. These were all our ideas and we had great fun completing the missions.

For our theme ‘Misty Mount Sierra’ we have been looking at mountains – the giants of our world. We have been creating a PowerPoint of six famous mountains and hyperlinking to web pages of extra information, we have been analysing health and safety leaflets about climbing mountains, finding out about temperatures on Snowdon to create a line graph, looking at the art work of Mary Lloyd Jones who is inspired by the landscape of Wales and learning how to light a fire for survival while in Forest School. Some of this information will be helpful when we go on our class trip at the end of term to Craig-Y-Nos in the Brecon Beacons.

We have had a great term in Year Four and it is hard to believe we are now moving on to Year Five - we can’t wait for more fun learning experiences in the Upper Juniors. See you next school year!

stars Autumn 2018-19


Class Kitchen Outside Carew
Printing 2 Quills


It has been a wonderful start to the new school year in Year 4. The beginning was quite hectic because we had a three week swimming block. Each day we visited Llanelli Leisure Centre and had lessons on swimming techniques, water confidence and life-saving. It was great fun and our swimming improved enormously. As we all live near so near the sea this skill is a very important one.

We have also been on a school trip to support our topic for the term, ‘Roses and Royals’. We visited Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire for a ‘Truly Tudor Experience’. It was great fun – we worked in the castle kitchen chopping herbs and vegetables, made Tudor rose printing blocks from clay,  practised our handwriting skills in a Tudor classroom where we had to use a quill and ink (this was trickier than you would think!) and played Tudor games in the Great Hall. Back in school we then had Tudor days where we dressed up in Tudor clothes, used j2e to create Tudor Top Trump cards,  prepared our own pottage, made Tudor shields and Tudor houses, played Tudor games and created Tudor plays. These days were great fun and we really felt as though we had travelled back in time when Queen D and Princess Williams (Mrs Davies and Mrs Williams) greeted us in their Tudor royal clothing too!  

In Writing we have been doing character profiles by looking at the qualities that different people possess. We wrote about Roald Dahl’s character Danny from our class novel ‘Danny Champion of the World’. We are enjoying this story.

In Science we have been deciding which ‘missile’ would be better at destroying a castle wall – our choices were Mintos, Haribo, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies or Marshmallows. We made our own catapults and it was surprising how far we could shoot our missiles, they were quite impressive.

Outside in our Forest School we have recycled cardboard as bark to place around our National Trust trees, repaired fences, made a drum kit from logs and carved drumsticks to play them. We have also built an animal hotel to help animals through the cold winter ahead and improved our fire lighting skills. All fun skills to learn in the outdoors!

 I cannot believe how quickly the term has passed and now we have reached Christmas. We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to many more fun learning experiences in 2019 – Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda oddiwrth Blwyddyn Pedwar!