Welcome to Year 5/Blwyddyn 5

Croeso i flwyddyn 5


Homework is given on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is based on topics that the children have been working on in class. Monday’s homework will include the spelling words for the week along with a literacy task based on these words.  

Reading books 

Please ensure that children bring their reading books and personal reading record books to school every day. The children participate in Guided Reading Sessions through the week, and we encourage the pupils to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. The personal reading record books are collected weekly and rewards are given at the end of the week if a child has read three times with an adult. 

P.E. lessons

P.E. will take place every Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor) – please would you ensure that your child has their gym kit on these days (plain white T-shirt and navy shorts/tracksuit trousers). For your child’s safety, no jewellery is to be worn and long hair should be tied back. Please ensure that senisible footwear is provided on Thursday i.e. netball - trainers, rugby - togs(preferably) or trainers 

Weekly timetable 

Day  Reading Book   P.E. Kit  Homework 
Monday Yes    Yes (handed in on Wednesday) 
Tuesday  Yes     
Wednesday  Yes  Indoor Yes (handed in on Friday) 
Thursday  Yes  Outdoor   
Friday  Yes    Yes (handed in on Monday)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch!

Miss Williams

(assisted by Mrs Williams) 





stars Autumn Term 2014-15

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During this term we have been working on two topics: ‘Scream Machine’ and ‘Heroes and Villains’. In our ‘Scream Machine’ work we have been learning how to write poetry using different poetic techniques such as similes, metaphors, personification and rhyming words. Our finished pieces of writing described the white-knuckle ride on a Roller Coaster extremely well.

One skill we have developed in our Mathematics sessions this term is our data handling skills. We have been learning all about how to create line graphs from data we have collected. After learning how to do these graphs correctly we then researched different roller coasters from around the world and created line graphs showing their speeds at different stages of the ride.

Another skill we have developed is our rounding skills. We then applied these skills to our ‘Scream Machine’ topic by researching things like ticket prices and number of visitors per year and rounding the figures using the skills we had already learnt. In addition we have been using our multiplication and division skills when working with decimal numbers in order to answer problem-solving questions.

We have also been researching different ‘Heroes and Villains’ from history including: Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler, Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela. We have learnt about the things that they did during their lifetimes and how their actions made them a hero or a villain. After researching important information about them we then started to create biographies to tell people all about their lives.

We enjoyed practising for this year's Christmas concert.

Dosbarth Mr. Saunders

stars Spring Term 2014-15

Feb 2015 002 Feb 2015 011 IMG 1528
IMG 1535 IMG 1547


During this term we have been learning how to find fractions of different amounts. We have also learnt how to change fractions into decimals and percentages. Following this we started using our skills to calculate percentages of money. We have been working on number sequences and applying these skills to real world situations. In our literacy activities we have been learning all about biography writing. After reading good examples of biographies we could understand the skills that we needed to use.

As a class we used these skills to create biographies of people from the past. This also meant that we needed to use our reading skills in order to research facts about these people. Another writing style we have been learning about is journalistic writing by creating newspaper reports on a suspicious break in. Following this we applied our skills to our ‘Tudors’ theme by creating news bulletins on the ‘Battle of Bosworth’. It has been an extremely busy term in year 5 as we have also completed three weeks of swimming lessons on top of all the things we have learnt!

stars Summer Term 2014-15

In or literacy sessions this term we have been learning how to do three different types of writing. Firstly we looked at how to write a persuasive argument. Then we learnt how to write a non-chronological report on Minibeasts. We organised our writing using sub headings and made sure that we used lots of examples of technical vocabulary. Recently we have been focusing on explanation texts. In our language books we perfected our skills by writing an explanation text on how the digestive system works. Following this we applied our skills to our topic work explaining all about how the heart works and the importance of healthy foods and exercise.

In our Maths lessons we have been busy learning working on time problems. We have been working really hard on probability, using both the key vocabulary and fractions to describe the chances of something happening. Furthermore, we have been studying the faces, edges and vertices of 3d shapes as well as making models of our own. In addition to this we have been using our times tables skills to look at multiples and factors.

In our topic work we have been closely studying Minibeasts. We have learnt how to classify them based on their different features. Mr Conway has taught us how to make detailed drawings of insects, labelling the key features using different scientific language.

For the last six weeks Steven Greene, Swansea City’s coach in the community, has been teaching us lots of different football skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. As well as developing football skills we also learnt other important sills such as teamwork. 

stars Autumn 2015-16

During this term we have been learning how to write poetry using different poetic techniques such as similes, metaphors, personification  and rhyming words. In our English lessons we wrote a poem describing a superhero who was sent to save the world from destruction. We then used these skills in our ‘Scream Machine’ topic by writing poetry describing our emotions when going on a rollercoaster. During the term we have written a newspaper report on a suspicious break in and we have also been writing our own myths and legends using the story of ‘Bedd Gelert’ as inspiration. One skill we have developed in our Mathematics sessions this term is how to multiply decimals by 10,100 and 100. After learning how to do this correctly we then used these skills in order to calculate the profit made by theme parks over a weekend.  Another skill we have developed is our rounding skills. We then applied these skills to our ‘Scream Machine’ topic by researching things like ticket prices and number of visitors per year and rounding the figures using the skills we had already learnt. In addition we have been using our multiplication and division skills when working with decimal numbers in order to answer problem solving questions. 

In our science lessons we have carried out a fair test investigation involving forces. We learnt important key words such as propulsion, air resistance, gravity and friction understanding how these can make objects speed up, slow down or change direction.


stars Spring Term 2015-16

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IMG 1418 IMG 1419

The year 2016 started with a bang as we travelled back in time, learning a variety of subjects around the topic theme ‘time traveller’.  During our English lessons, we have learnt how adding interesting words, fascinating openers, idioms and many other literary techniques can improve our story writing. The new ‘Big Write’ sessions on a Friday have given us the opportunity to use these new skills to write adventurous and dramatic stories about the time we travelled back in time! 

We continued to learn around our theme in Mathematics lessons, learning about time and how to solve time word problems. In addition, a fun practical math activity we worked on in relation to the term’s learning attitude ‘collaboration’, was a time relay. It was a challenge to think of physical activities to measure time, instead of using a clock!
The theme has also lent itself to many other subjects. We discovered Salvador Dali’s famous painting of the ‘melting clocks’, we created a ‘Dr Who anthology’ and we also looked at the life cycle of a human being in Science lessons.

We have also had many learning experiences outside of the classroom this term. We particularly enjoyed the visit from PC Trudy and PC Wayne to learn First Aid. Finally, the 3 week block of swimming lessons were also enjoyed by all, as we learnt four different techniques, gaining confidence in the water and also having lots of fun through water games!


stars Summer 2015-16

The themes ‘Alchemy Island’ and ‘Allotment’ have leant themselves to many rich learning opportunities this term! In our literacy lesson, we have been improving our vocabulary and looking at structures of a variety of poems to create our very own mystical and mysterious cinquain poems relating to supernatural characters. It was quite a challenge to find such imaginative words and following the specific syllable structure of a cinquian poem! As we followed our quest through the map of ‘Alchemy Island’ we became more familiar with some of the imaginary characters that could live on the island. We decided to use our imaginations further to bring these characters to life by looking at the features of scripts and creating our very own play scripts. We had fun re-enacting some of the scenes! 

As Wales are doing a fantastic job in Euros 2016, we have focused many of our numeracy lessons around the football. We learnt how to collect discrete data, and present the information in frequency tables. We were then able to interpret the data by creating bar and line graphs and pictograms. Continuing our competitive yet supportive side, we decided to match up our competitors and find the average skills and ages of each side. We learnt how to find the mean, mode, median and range of different teams. We were able to use the averages found to decide which teams we’d prefer to play from the data researched. 

The whole school made tremendous efforts to celebrate Eco day, and we all thoroughly enjoyed participating in both the obstacle courses and planting our seeds and flowers in our special orange flower bed. The day got us questioning how to improve our gardening skills, which lead to our enquiries in Science lessons. We started to research and investigate how to nourish our plants effectively. We made our compost in school and observed what happened to the ingredients; a stinky but interesting experience!

There have also been many learning opportunities outside of the classroom this term.  We had lots of fun with Mrs Davies, from ‘Athrawon y Fro’ improving our Welsh language through fun games and activities. Additionally, have also enjoyed improved our team-working skills to work through problem-solving tasks and orienteering tasks through adapting our communication and listening skills. 

Finally, we have all been working very hard inside and outside the classroom to earn as many marbles for our class, through displaying good behaviour and trying our best, for our class to enjoy a reward. Our class were successful in reaching the target, which meant that we had a class party to celebrate. We had so much fun, we have started earning some more marbles for our next prize!



stars Autumn 2016-17

The Autumn term has started with some new experiences for Blwyddyn 5 as we boomed back in time and learnt all about the Victorians!
During this term we have learnt about the contrasting lives of that era; whether it be working laborious hours or going to strict Victorian schools.  Our two Victorian days in Pembrey School really brought the era to life when we experienced what kind of jobs children had, what and how they would learn in school, what kind of games and toys they would play with and even what they would have to eat!
Our English lessons have included using descriptive language in the lead up to writing modern day diaries, compared to life as a Victorian child. In addition, we have also learnt to innovate the well-known traditional Welsh tale ‘Bedd Gelert’. We thoroughly enjoyed learning the story through Pie Corbett, animating the characters using lots of expression! ~
During our Mathematics lessons we have recently been looking at describing 2D shapes according to their properties in order to find the perimeter and area.  Furthermore we also have been learning how to problem solve using doubling and halving using a ‘dart challenge’.
In addition, in our Science lessons we have been investigating the stale bread Victorians would eat to find out which conditions help keep bread fresher for longer.
The theme also lent itself to researching many influential figures of the Victorian time including Florence Nightingale, Lord Shaftesbury and Queen Victoria herself. We have also studied the Victorian artist William Morris, which we then developed our own wallpaper designs inspired by his art pieces.
Amongst all the rich learning in class, there have been lots of fun learning experiences around the school in preparation for our school Christmas Fayre. Our class decided to bake ‘snowy rocky road’ which we were able to write Welsh instructions for. They were delicious!
Though the term has been very busy, it has been enjoyed by all. Blwyddyn 5 would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb! 



stars Spring 2016-17

This term has been a very productive term for Blwyddyn 5! We have become experts on the heart during our topic theme ‘Blood Heart’, and become courageous soldiers in our current theme ‘Princess Warrior’.
During our Language lessons we have been busy researching our favourite animals to give the class in turn, an oral presentation. The presentations enabled us to put our new ICT skills to practise by creating PowerPoint presentations including animated pictures and other multimedia resources. Even though we thought these presentations would be daunting, they gave us the confidence to present an oral explanation of the heart.
Another focus in our language lessons was to write an explanation text. We wrote our explanation of the heart and thus, used them alongside our clay models to explain the circulatory system. We found the topic gruesome, but very fun!
In our maths lessons we have recently been focusing on measuring and angles. We have been converting lengths, weight and capacity units and using the skills to reading a range of scales.
We’ve learnt how to recognise different types of angles, and have been using our number skills to calculate measures of different angles.
We have also had many learning experiences outside of the classroom this term. We particularly enjoyed the visit from PC Trudy to learn First Aid.
One of our favourite memories of this term has been our residential trip to Pendine. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, having new and exciting opportunities including; learning to abseil, rock climb and zip wire. The camp also developed our reasoning skills in team building and orienteering activities.
We look forward to moving on to our new topic ‘Star Gazers’ next term.
From all in Blwyddyn 5, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, Pasg Hapus pawb!


stars Summer 2016-17

We started the term with a wonderful trip to our local beach to start our research for our new topic 'Blue Abyss'. We felt lucky that we had such a fantastic opportunity on our doorstep with local experts to help us learn more about the sea life and the environments they live in. As we walked through Cefn Sidan beach, we explored the living creatures that our expert Emyr had spoke about and got to examine and take live sketches.  

Our language lessons have included writing persuasive letters to ensure that one of the most famous landmarks, the Great Barrier Reef, is kept clean and safe for its local wildlife. We had to do a lot of research into the variety of species that lived there, the current issues that are affecting the environment and come up with solutions and advice for tourists on how they could help. There were a lot of literacy skills practiced in the lead up to writing our letters, in particular we enjoyed the oracy task 'decision alley', where we had to verbally give 'for' and 'against' reasons.  

In our mathematics lessons, we started by sorting through average species found in a variety of tropical reefs. We found the mean, mode, median and range of creatures in each in a problem-solving task, and found the most popular was the Great Barrier Reef. We then moved on to co-ordinates and had lots of fun creating our own 'Battleships' game to play against each other. We also enjoyed learning the properties of 3D shapes, and then battling against each other in a digital 'Kahoot' quiz to answer as many questions around them. 

Our ICT lessons this term have included creating branch databases, where we had to think carefully about the questions asked in order to separate the animals and classify them according to their features – we found that this also helped our questioning skills; from asking broad, open questions to specific questioning.  

In addition, we learnt a variety of ICT skills during our Entrepreneurial week where we teamed up with the Nursery class to create a product and make as much profit as possible from a given budget. Our team decided to make home-made lemonade, and we were fortunate enough to be the winners making the most profit from the whole school! In preparation, we created digital questionnaires to do a market survey on popular products brainstormed, digital advertising posters and jingles to promote our product around the school and Excel spreadsheets using formulas to compare lemonade market prices. We found the project a lot of fun, and we learnt so much about how businesses run. 


Alongside all the creative learning in school, we also had the opportunity to extra-curricular learning in our swimming lessons. We took part in three-week swimming block were we learnt to confident and safe in the water, as well as improve our swimming techniques. As the year draws to an end, Miss Williams would like to thank year 5 for being a wonderful class to teach throughout the year, and wish you all the very best of luck in your new classes in September. Have a wonderful summer everybody! 


stars Autumn 2017-18

IMG 0100 IMG 0119 IMG 0121
IMG 0123 IMG 0609 IMG 0618


We started the term with a wonderful trip to St Fagan’s to start our research for our new topic ‘Revolution’. We felt lucky that we had such a fantastic opportunity to see the real Victorian artefacts, as well as how different their houses were! During our visit, we did a little bit of shopping in ‘Gwalia Stores’ to see what a Victorian’s weekly grocery shop would be like; the experience was very different to our modern day supermarkets! We were also amazed at the contrast between our school and St Fagan’s Victorian school – we didn’t like the thought of being taught there every day! In addition, we used the information that we learnt on our trip to compare and contrast different aspects of our lives.


Our language lessons have included writing personal diaries. Since our trip, we decided to compare how different our lives have changed since the Victorian era and so we wrote two different types of diaries. The first included details of our favourite days over the holidays – with lots of happy, enjoyable and exciting activities. The second included information from our class novel ‘Oliver Twist’. We decided to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes and portray life as a Victorian through each character. This diary had completely contrasting vocabulary; life as a Victorian seemed a lot more miserable than ours! There were a lot of literacy skills practiced in the lead up to writing our diaries; in particular we enjoyed the oracy task of learning a play script to really put ourselves in the characters shoes.

In our mathematics lessons, we started our term with the unit of time. We worked on some problem solving, practical and word problem activities to do with our daily lives. We then had the challenge of reading two different diaries (one modern and one Victorian) to find information to order various time events. From these diaries, we learnt that some activities would take far longer during the Victorian period. We became more curious of live as a Victorian during our learning, and during our ‘Pupil Voice EPIC’ sessions, we wanted to learn more about Victorian census to look at what life was like in Pembrey back then. We found the mean, mode, median and range of 3 different houses in Pembrey in a problem-solving task, and then had to decide which of the houses we would prefer to live in, based on the data. 


We have been busy in our ICT lessons this term too! We started the year with an e-safety lesson to create ‘Perfect Passwords’ posters to display. We also made a collaborative ‘anti-cyber bullying rap’ to show the importance of keeping safe online. In addition, we used the iMovies app to create our class movie trailers! We loved making them so much, that we also made ‘Forest school’ trailers too! 


We have thoroughly enjoyed all the creative learning this term, and we hope that next term is just as fun! We would like to wish all our friends and family a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year – Nadolig llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb!



stars Spring 2017-18

This term we have had a fantastic opportunity to visit Kidwelly Castle in order to learn more about one of our class topics ‘Warrior Princess’. We learnt so many interesting facts about Princess Gwenllian , and we felt so lucky that we live so close to the actual castle of where the battle took place!

Our language lessons have included writing character profiles for a character we have been studying in great detail; Gelert from the traditional Welsh tale, Bedd Gelert. We thoroughly enjoyed learning the story which we got to retell in our school Welsh assembly on St David’s day. During our visit to Kidwelly castle, we used the opportunity to practice our oracy skills to retell our tale using props that we had gathered from school – the castle as a setting gave the tale a realistic feel of what it was like for Llewelyn to live as a Prince.  In addition, we have been learning to write poetry using rhyming couplets. We decided to write rhyming couplets of how to best portray Wales. We were all really impressed with one another’s poetry skills!

In our mathematics lessons, we have been doing lots of work to do with fractions, decimals and percentages. From finding equivalents and fractions of amounts, we then moved onto looking at interpreting pie charts and retrieving information from data found.  These skills then helped us with our class topic ‘Lesotho’. We created graphs to compare and contrast the temperature and rainfall in Lesotho and Wales. It was really interesting to find out that Lesotho and Wales have similar climates. 


Our ICT lessons this term have included creating stop start animation mini-films. We loved learning how to use the J2e programme, and we used these skills to create a stop start animation of the tale Bedd Gelert. We have also learnt how to create 3D model structures. We used the programme to create a 2018 home fit for Prince Llewelyn. 

In addition, we learnt a variety of PSE skills through our ‘Spectrum’ workshop run with the charity Hafan Cymru.We learnt about healthy relationship through some of our favourite books – Charlie and the Choclate Factory and Harry Potter.
We have also been able to write a book review about our class book ‘Pa Glwb?’ in our Welsh lessons. We enjoy following the series of stories about Nici and Cris!


 We have thoroughly enjoyed all our learning experiences this term, and we look forward to our new topics. We would like to wish everyone a happy Easter – pasg hapus pawb!