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Welcome to Year 6 (CW)

Croeso i flwyddyn 6

Reading Books 

Please ensure that children bring their reading books and personal reading record books to school every day. Pupils are encouraged to read at home to an adult on a regular basis. The personal reading record books are collected weekly and rewards are given at the end of the week if a child has read three times with an adult. 


We visit the village library every other Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their book to school to change on this day. 

P.E. lessons 

Please would you ensure that your child brings gym kit to school on a Thursday and wears their gym kit to school on a Friday. Kit is a plain white T-shirt and navy shorts/tracksuit trousers. For your child’s safety, no jewellery is to be worn and long hair should be tied back. Trainers are not allowed in during dance and gymnastics lessons in the hall. Lightweight black pumps are permitted. Please ensure that sensible footwear is provided on Friday i.e. netball - trainers, rugby – togs (preferably) or trainers.


Spelling/language homework is given on Monday and Mathematics homework is given on Wednesday, to be returned to school by Friday to be marked. On occasions extra or different work is given in line with class theme.  Please can you provide your child with an A4 file for their homework sheets.  

Weekly timetable


  • Spelling / English & Number homework (Hand in Thursday) 


  • Indoor PE – white t-short/navy shorts/gym shoes(optional) 

  • Library-fortnightly (beginning 18th September) 


  • Forest Schools- fortnightly (with Mrs A Mellar beginning 19th September) 


  • Homework handed in and Reading Records checked  


  • Spelling /Mental Maths tests  

  • Outdoor PE – white t-shirt/school jumper/navy joggers/trainers/togs 

  • Homework-Home reading; Times Tables Rockstars and Sumdog homework may be given.  


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact me. Diolch!

Miss C Williams 

Come and see what we have been learning this term!

stars Autumn 2015-16

Our theme this term in Year 3 / 4 has been ‘Blood, Bones and Gory Bits’. We have been learning all about the different parts of our bodies and their functions. 

We really enjoyed finding out about the different parts of the blood by making a model of what it looks like using yellow food colouring and water to represent the plasma, Cheerios and red food colouring  to represent the red blood cells, mini marshmallows for the white blood cells and bits of purple pipe cleaner for the platelets. We watched videos and read explanation texts to find out about the function of each part of the blood.

We also read lots of non-fiction books in order to create huge labelled models of our skeletons. We used everything we had learned to write our own explanation texts to explain how our skeletons work and also used our knowledge to create lots of skeleton art, indoors and outside!

Our investigative skills have also been developed through planning and carrying out a fair test. We investigated how exercising affects our pulse rate. First of all, we had a visit from one of the parents in our school, Mrs.Davies, who is a nurse. She taught us all about our hearts and how to check our pulse. We then planned our investigation and used our numeracy skills to time accurately and present our findings. We found out thast the harder we exercise, the quicker our pulse rate gets. 

We have enjoyed developing our ICT skills by taking photos of our skeleton art outside and transferring them into J2Launch to label them and also creating Power Point presentations on Office 365 all about the human body. 

In Year 3 / 4 we have been trying very hard to develop our ‘perseverance’ skills through lots of fun and sometimes quite tricky tasks! One of which was the human knot where we had to work together as a team to untangle ourselves!

stars Spring Term 2015-16


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In year 3 / 4 this term we have been enjoying learning all about ancient Greece and modern day Greece in our topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. We have studied lots gods and goddesses and read Greek myths and legends.

We used Pie Corbett story telling strategies to learn the story of Pandora’s Box and retell it from memory. We then used our narrative writing skills to re-write the story and innovate it using our own ideas. We have also written instructional leaflets to explain to the king of Delphi how to build a Trojan horse and an entry in Daedalus’ diary about the fateful day his son Icarus flew too close to the sun.

We have been working on developing our measuring skills in maths. We then used these to help us investigate how far arrows can fly and also to measure distances during our ‘Mini Olympics’.

During the term, we have learned all about different aspects of Greek life, both now and from a long time ago. We used our ICT skills to create power point presentations to present our findings to the rest of the class. We have also made Greek pots, looked at the Greek alphabet and made name plaques. We looked at timelines from 800BC to 100BC and plotted all the important events that took place during the ancient Greek times. We learned that they were very clever people and lots of the things we do today are because of them.  

Collaboration has been an important part of our classroom life this term and we have completed lots of different tasks where each member of the group has a different role. One of our collaboration tasks involved researching the Greek soldiers from long ago, making a fact file and creating a large diagram of a Greek soldier.

We have loved learning lots of Welsh this term. We can describe our houses and the area in which we live and can have a short conversation all about Wales. Mae Cymru yn lle prydferth! (Wales is a beautiful place!).

We are looking forward to the Summer term where we will be learning all about being ‘Digital Pioneers’ and looking at the geographical topic ‘Tremors’.

stars Summer 2015-16

This term has been a busy term, but we have managed to fit lots of learning and fun in!

For the first half of this term, our theme was ‘Tremors’. We went to Dan Yr Ogof caves to get enthusiastic about rocks! This was such an interesting topic where we researched types of rocks, volcanoes and natural disasters using QR codes and information books on our Desg Gwybodaeth in class. We also went on a visit to a local beach in Burry Port to collect different types of rocks so we could study them closely back at school. We loved the ‘hands on’ learning that went with this theme. We made our very own erupting volcanoes! 

This theme enabled us to develop our writing skills. We collaborated in groups to research natural disasters and used the information we collected to write non-chronological reports. We also enjoyed learning all about the features of poetry, such as alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia. We used these in pour own volcano shape poems!

We developed our ICT skills by learning about databases and the purpose of them. We were then able to create our own using the Black Cat programme. We used volcano top trump cards for information including, name, country, height and eruption cycle and then used our databases to locate information and answer lots of questions. 

For the second half of the term, our theme has been ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’. This has been such a fun theme where we have researched all sorts of weird and wonderful foods from around the world and developed our oracy and presentation skills by presenting our findings in front of the rest of the class. These included deep fried tarantulas and raw blood soup! Yuk!

We have developed our maths skills through a variety of everyday situations by helping ‘Chef Thomas’ in lots of different tasks. These included applying our measuring skills by altering recipes for him, converting them from kilograms to grams, doubling and halving quantities depending on how many customers ordered each dish, using QR codes to research Chef’s shopping lists, comparing prices to find out where he can get the cheapest ingredients from.

We developed our designing skills by visiting the Surf Bar Café in Burry Port and researching smoothie flavours and names. We then used this research to design our own smoothie with a catchy name, write a recipe, create an advertising campaign including a television advert and making our smoothies in class. They were delicious! This task included using persuasive writing, script writing, weighing, measuring and ICT. 

A lovely way to finish off the theme and indeed our school year in ¾, was to write and perform our class assembly to show of everything we have learned! 

We are very much looking forward to a relaxing summer holidays and starting back in Year 4/5 in September, ready and raring to go!


stars Autumn 2016-17

During the Autumn Term we have had lots of fun learning about our theme ‘Bottoms, Burps and Bile’. As the title suggests, this theme was all about the human body, and in particular the digestive system!

We have developed our non -fiction writing skills by learning all about the features of explanation writing. We then became writers for the day and wrote a page for a science text book explaining all about how the digestion system works.

Science has been a big focus in year 4 this term, with lots of ‘hands on’ activities to learn all about the different organs involved in digestion and the processes our food goes through after it enters our mouths! The teeth are a very important stage in digestion and we did a really interesting experiment using eggs, to see how different types of drinks effect our teeth. We also learned about the different jobs that different types of teeth do. 

Our writing skills were developed further by learning a conversation poem in Pie Corbett style, ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg. We then wrote our own conversation poems and performed these on our outdoor stage.

We have been working really hard to learn times tables through Times Tables Rockstars. We have all made really good progress and have enjoyed rocking out in class to lots of different rock anthems! 

We are striving to become better Welsh speakers in Blwyddyn pedwar and are working really hard to earn as many tocynnau iath as we can by speaking lots of incidental Welsh inside and outside of the classroom. Our Criw Cymraeg are doing a marvellous job at encouraging us! Diolch!

Our theme next term is ‘The Romans are Coming’ and we are really looking forward to immersing ourselves in the past!

From all of the children and adults in Year 4, we are wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


stars Spring 2016-17

     This term we have been learning all about life as Romans in our topic ‘Here come the Romans!’  

   At the beginning of the term we went on a trip to Castell Henllys where we found out exactly what it was like to be a Roman soldier, invading a Celtic hill fort. We had a great time dressing up in the armour and helmet. We learned about the different battle tactics they used and went on a march around the settlement. We also made oil lamps out of clay like the Romans would have made. After our trip, we researched life as a Roman soldier, wrote a short presentation on Word online and then did our presentations in front of the rest of the class.

   In English, we have been writing in different genres. We have focussed on character dialogue and have written extracts of stories based on two characters. Lots of hard work went into the lead up to the final piece of writing including learning about speech marks, adventurous adverbs and using apostrophes. We also did lots of work on characterisation and how characters say things to reflect their personalities. After we learned all these new skills, we were able to apply them in a cross curricular way, writing a story about the Emperor Claudius and one of his soldiers. Another type of writing we have been learning about is character portraits. We learned the features of this genre through writing a description of Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and then applied our skills to describe the great Julius Caesar!

    We have learned lots of new maths skills this term too, including working out the area and perimeter of shapes, compass points, directions and division problems. All of these skills, we have applied through our Roman theme, working out problems to help the Emperor Claudius. We have helped him work out floor plans for his Roman villas by using our area and perimeter skills. We have also helped him divide his army up into groups in order to invade Celtic villages. He needed help getting to different places so we were able to use our knowledge of compass points and directions to get him to the coliseum!

   ICT has been used all the way through our learning. We have been scanning QR codes to take us to websites for research, copying and pasting pictures and using hyperlinks in our presentations and using graphic modelling programmes to find out how our decisions affect the world in our Science topic  ‘Our Sustainable Earth’. 

   We had great fun during our Roman theme days…cooking Roman recipes, playing a Roman version of chess, playing Bingo with Roman numerals and making a class mosaic. We fully immersed ourselves, dressing up as Romans and having new Roman names!

   We really hope we have as much fun in our new topic, the Blue Abyss. 

Happy Easter everyone, from Year 4.




stars Summer 2016-17

Year 4 have had a really busy, but enjoyable and fun summer term! Our theme has been The Blue Abyss where we have learned all about the deep blue sea and surrounding coastal areas. We realised that we lived in a perfect area for discovering what species of wildlife live in Britain’s coasts and set out to investigate.

 Our trip the Cefn Sidan was our first stop, where one of the Park Rangers, Emyr, took us on a walk around the Country Park to see what wildlife we could discover. He also gave us some booklets and leaflets for us to read, listing all the species of animal that can be spotted off the coast of Pembrey such as dolphins, seals and even basking sharks! We used all the information we collected from our visit in our lessons back in class when we had to plan an exhibition about the local wildlife in Pembrey. Here, we had to apply our maths skills by costing the event and our reading skills by researching all the animals we learned about on our trip in order to create factfiles. We also used out ICT skills to create branching databases about the animals found on Pembrey’s coast, in order to create an interactive game for the younger visitors to the exhibition.

Our science topic has been ‘Our Sustainable World’ where we have been learning all about litter, landfill and reducing the impact of these on our planet.  We learned all about reducing, reusing and recycling and how our decisions impact our environment. We then used everything we had learned in here to help us write persuasive letters, trying to persuade the community to recycle more. We used our oracy skills to try and convince our class mates too!

We have also been learning all about the Great Barrier Reef and comparing it to what we have learned about Pembrey. We researched the issues which affect the coral reef and applied our persuasive writing skills to write letters to persuade people to save this amazing natural wonder.

As underwater has been our theme, we have been writing underwater adventure stories, learning all about creating interesting characters, describing settings and how to ‘hook’ the reader in by creating suspense and excitement! We have loved being authors!

We have been developing our creative and artistic skills by looking closely at sea shells and some of the patterns that can be found on different sea creatures and using our pencil drawing  skills to produce detailed drawings. In addition, we have planned, built and tested out very own submarines in D&T. It was so much fun!

In Welsh, we have been learning lots of vocabulary related to the animals we have been studying, in particular where they live and what they eat.

We have been so busy this term we are very much looking forward to a relaxing Summer holidays. We will then be ready and raring to go for our new adventure in Year 5! Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday.

stars Autumn 2017-18

Camera Thu Nov 09 2017 09 59 27 Film Project Victorain Day 1
Victorian Day 2 Victorian Day 3


What a fun and eventful Autumn term we have had in Year 5/6! We have travelled back in time for our theme ‘Revolution’ and discovered exactly what life was like in Victorian Wales. 

We began the term with a visit to ST. Fagans Museum of Welsh life, where we visited the Gwalia Stores to see how Victorians in Wales did their grocery shopping and compared it to how we shop now. We then visited the school room…how very different it was to be a child in a Victorian School. We decided that we much preferred being a pupil in Pembrey school in modern times! We then held two Victorian days where we fully immersed ourselves in Victorian school life. Our artistic and creative skills were developed through a collaborative painting / collage of Queen Victoria to go up on display. We studied the three R (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) using slate boards and authentic Victorian handwriting copy books. Cooking was really fun, we made a traditional Victorian recipe of Banbury cakes, which we ate during our Victorian tea party. 

Through our theme we have read the classic novel Oliver Twist and have completed lots of written work based on the characters, leading up to a piece of diary writing as Oliver. We loved this book so much that we wrote book reviews recommending it. 

We have also developed our numeracy skills through our theme, learning about time and averages and using these skills to compare life in Victorian times to life now. We did this through completing fun missions in our Maths Zone looking at the times and durations of daily activities in children’s lives now and then and also looking at census data from Pembrey to work out mean, mode, median and range of different aspects of the data. 

In Welsh, we have been looking at the Cardiau Clonc Fi Fy Hun and learning lots of different sentence patterns to describe ourselves which we used to also describe Queen Victoria. As well as completing reading missions in our Language Zone around the story ‘Papa Pop’. 

We have developed lots of ICT skills this term, including how to create and iMovie, skills which we then applied in our Digital Mission on creating an iMovie about Victorian schools. We have also added effects to photographs to make them look old. We used this skills when we were dressed up on our Victorian theme days, wearing the Dunce hat and the ‘Welsh Not’. 

The Year 6s haver been involved in various projects, including a fantastic film project where they developed skills including , filming using some very expensive professional equipment, editing and animation. They also completed their Safe Cycling course. 

Yes…it has been a very busy term! We are looking forward to having a nice break over the holidays and coming back in the new year refreshed and ready for all the learning experiences the Spring term will offer. 

From Year 5/6, we are wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda!


stars Spring 2017-18

The Spring term has been a very busy one in year 5/6. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the local history through our theme Warrior Princess. This theme was based around the legend of Gwenllian. What an incredible woman! We all think it is amazing that this special Welsh legend happened right on our doorstep. 

   We learned the Legend of Gwenllian – A Welsh Heroine, Pie Corbett style using a story map. We were able to retell the story in our St David’s Day celebration and also on our visit to the actual location of the story – Kidwelly Castle.  We enjoyed innovating the story by adding in adventurous adjectives and even making an iMovie trailer using dressing up clothes and props. 

  We have further developed our ICT skills through our new topic Blood Heart. We have worked collaboratively to research the heart and circulatory system, create a powerpoint and share it with other groups so they can assess and comment on our work. Miss Honour taught us how important it was to ‘Cite a Site’ in our digital citizen ship lessons, so we took the opportunity to do this in our powerpoints so we have cited where all our information was found. 

   We have developed and applied our maths skills through a variety of different missions this term. We have used our knowledge of weighing, converting measurements and recording using decimals in our Maths Zone through a Victorian weighing activity. We have also handled data in a variety of different ways through our ‘Lesotho’ topic. We transferred data about the climate of Wales and Lesotho onto bar graphs and line graphs and we were then able to compare and contrast. Pie charts are another type of data handling we have learned about. We applied our knowledge of decimals, percentages and fractions when interpreting pie charts and even made up our own stories to go with them.

   During our visit to Kidwelly castle, we took the opportunity to develop our artistic skills, making observational sketches of the castle. We were so lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful day…but very cold! We then used these sketches back in the classroom to recreate our sketches in the style of George Seurat using the pointillism technique we have been learning about.

We are very much looking forward to the Summer term in Year 5/6 and we wish you all a lovely and very happy Easter. 


stars Summer 2017-18


Antony Gormley Human Sculptures Ashbys Visit 2 Ashbys Visit Autism Yr 5 Blood Investigation 2 Blood Investigation 3 Blood Investigation 4 Blood Investigation Eco Day 1 Eco Day 2 Llangrannog 1 Llangrannog 2 Llangrannog 3 Pen Y Fan 1 Pendine 1 Pendine 2 Penybedd 1 Penybedd 2 Penybedd 3





stars Autumn 2018-19

We started the second half of our term with two jam-packed days of activities associated with WWII to celebrate our learning so far. We thoroughly enjoyed creating collaborative databases to sort evacuees to suitable families, designing propaganda posters, following an enquire on ‘operation Pied Piper’ and using our reasoning skills to decipher a variety of codes to get important messages to our British troops! We ended our celebration with a WWII party to enjoy the eggless cakes, spam and jam sandwiches we made and learnt the ‘jitterbug’ in the dance hall. It was so much fun!

We have also been busy transferring our Literacy skills to adapt our class novel ‘Swansea Spy’. After learning the whole story and having a class discussion on the characters and the plot, we planned how to depict our favourite part in to play script form. We learnt how to think like directors; giving detailed stage directions for both setting and characters in addition to writing creative and exciting dialogue. We have also enjoyed performing play scripts in our missions to thoroughly understand how much detail is needed in a play script as well as giving us a better understanding of life during WWII. 

We have been focusing on multiplication and our reasoning skills in our Mathematics lessons. We have enjoyed learning a variety of patterns and relationships between numbers to answer some tricky reasoning questions. It has been interesting to see how useful our ‘TTRockstars’ and our knowledge of table have helped us with long multiplication questions.  

In addition to our topic lessons, we celebrated ‘Anti-bullying Week’ in our learning. We enjoyed reading through two contrasting poems which gave us opposing perspectives on bullying, giving us a better understanding of how people feel in and outside school when they are bullied. This led us to write our own diary entries to delve deeper into our emotions and feelings. We also looked at each other’s ‘anti-bullying’ leaflets and posters to peer assess and help each learn what information was important to include. 

Finally, we ended the term putting our creativity skills to the test with our Christmas Panto – Aladdin. We loved having the opportunity to have important roles in our last Primary school production. It was a lot of hard work; persevering to perfect our parts but it was all worth it! 

It has been a fun yet busy first term and we can’t wait for the challenges and opportunities that arise in the new year! Blwyddyn 6 and Miss Williams would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb.

stars Spring 2018-19

The spring term started with an exciting few weeks of Tai Chi and Chinese lessons from Mr Deng, an exchange teacher that is working with our school. It was great to learn about the culture and the language as well as the physical lessons in Tai Chi. We felt very lucky to have Mr Deng with us in class during a very important time in the Chinese culture – the Chinese New Year! We learnt all about the history and we helped Mr Deng retell the story in our Chinese New Year assembly.

In our maths lessons we have been focusing on number and developing multiplication strategies. We explored various written and mental strategies to build relationships between our knowledge of tables with more complex multiplication skills with decimals.  We used these skills to reason and problem solve. We then moved on to use this skill to develop our understanding of Area and Perimeter of shapes. We used our questioning skills to learn about area and perimeter of quadrilaterals, rectilinear shapes and triangles. In our missions we put these skills to practice independently to plan our own victory gardens.

Our language lessons have included developing our understanding of different literary techniques to write character profiles from two perspectives. We explored using idioms, similes, metaphors and personification to describe characters in great depth. We then felt confident enough to write about a Robin Hood, giving the reader a description of his character from the good and the bad. Additionally, we transferred these skills through our missions and independently wrote character profiles about a notoriously evil man – Adolf Hitler!

We have had lots of fun, independent learning experiences through our Missions in our topic ‘Frozen Kingdom. We learnt to interpret pie charts in the maths zone to find the population of Artic animals. In our language zone we have been working collaboratively to write information boards about renewable and non renewable energy. Our creative zone mission has been focusing on ‘inuit’ art and interpreting our own creative versions of the mythical creatures, and in our digital zone mission, we created iMovies to promote practicing our rights – we decided that Article 24: The right to food and water was an important right for everyone to learn about. Finally, our discovery zone mission have enabled us to become junior scientists and working to create a variety of graphs to explore the effects of fossil fuels on global warming. 

As always a very busy but very fun filled Spring term. As we break up before our very last term in Pembrey school, we would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter, Pasg hapus pawb!

stars Summer 2018-19

50Th 2 50Th Celebrations GYM Llangrannog 3 Llangrannog Llangrannog2 Pen Y Fan


We have been really busy in Year 6 this term! Our theme for this first half of this term was ‘Frozen Kingdom’ and we learned all about the Arctic regions and what it would be like to live there. We then learned about global warming and its effect and consequences; we were really shocked when we used our numeracy skills to create different graphs to show the links between the rise in carbon dioxide emissions from human activity (e.g. fumes from cars and power stations), rise in global temperatures, lower ice levels and the rise in sea levels – there was a definite link between them which proves that humans are responsible for global warming. We also were invited to Glan Y Mor school to participate in a science investigation to investigate it further – it was great fun measuring the temperature of the air when more Carbon Dioxide was added!! Some of us were even lucky enough to explain what we had found out to Kirsty Williams, the Education Minister for Wales – what an honour!!

We then used our numeracy skills to investigate the effects of global warming on the animals in the Arctic regions and were appalled to discover that global warming is destroying the habitats of many animals, with the result that many of them are now becoming endangered. Did you know that there are only 25,000 Polar Bears living in the wild? 

All of our hard work on energy and global warming made us realise the importance of our class eco target to monitor energy use in school and we have been working very hard to make sure that everyone is being energy efficient in Pembrey School! 

We had a real fun time climbing Pen-Y-Fan with all of our friends from Ysgol y Castell, Burry Port and Pwll schools – we were so very proud of ourselves when we got to the summit, what an achievement!! One of the most memorable activities, however, was preparing our class sketch for our Golden Celebration. We have been learning about how technology and music has changed over the past 50 years as part of our class theme, ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and we had great fun showcasing all the different technological appliances to our audience … even though we could barely lift some of them as they were so big and heavy! It certainly made us grateful for all we have today!

Although it has been a busy yet fun term, it has also made us reflect on our time in Pembrey School. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our friends and teachers at Pembrey School – we are so excited to be moving on to our new schools and the next chapter in our lives but we will never forget everything that Pembrey School has taught us, we will cherish the memories made here forever! Diolch ac hwyl fawr ffrindiau!