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Forest School/Ysgol Goedwig

The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky”

(McMillan, 1925)

Please select the PDF document to read all about our wonderful 'Forest School' activities.

Our Aims

We aim to build upon self confidence. We aim to instil an understanding and respect for the natural world. We teach children about sustainability. We teach children to use tools safely and effectively. 

Safety at Forest School

At our Forest School we adhere to the safety guidelines published by The Forest School Initiative. We ensure that we have the correct ratio of children to adults.

Our Forest School is taught by a qualified Forest School leader with the invaluable support of a former Scout Leader. All adults working in the Forest School setting are subject to enhanced DBS checks. 

Establishing the Forest School

The pupils at Pembrey Primary School have worked on the planning and building of our Forest School. They have complete ownership of the project. We began by preparing the Digging Area.  The original seating area was too small, so next, the benches were dug up and re-sited where there was enough room for a fire pit.

We planted a border with cuttings and plants that were donated by parents. We will soon have a delivery of new saplings from The Woodland Trust. 

As a school, we have made links with many local businesses such as Travis Perkins, B and Q, Burns’ Pet Foods and of course Pembrey Country Park. They have all generously donated materials and tools with which the children can work. 


Forest School supports many areas of the curriculum and children learn valuable skills through practical tasks. Activities in the Forest School Area include cooking marshmallows on the fire.  We talk about Forest School principles and rules in class and have made posters to remind us. We use tools safely.  We love building dens and our current project is building a roundhouse shelter.