Securing Futures has supported 221 families to date though offering our bespoke package of individual support and signposting to other relevant agencies. The project aims to improve the life chances of children aged 5 to 10 years and above living in families within which parents experience multiple and complex needs linked to low-moderate mental health needs and/or learning disabilities.

We deliver a range of services that will address their emotional, social and cognitive developmental needs. These are addressed in an integrated and holistic manner through facilitating access to a range of services, leading to raised levels of aspiration, esteem and self-confidence; lower levels of unauthorised absenteeism and improved academic performance.

Since the launch of the Securing Futures Project we have achieved many positive outcomes for the beneficiaries involved. We have identified the importance of building resiliency for families to help them manage their multiple and complex needs and reduce anxiety whilst empowering them to manage their own lives once the support has ended. Therefore, we have implemented a ‘Resiliency Model’ and developed our own ‘Goal Setting Pack’ which continues the focus on relationship building with the families which also provides us with clearer ‘goal oriented’ support. We now utilise a service model with a focus on attachment theory, emotional wellbeing and resiliency. This approach has improved our reputation and raised the profile of the project within the local community, thus resulting in an increase in referrals.

Due to the success of the project we have been able to develop successful links with schools and as a result we have been able to deliver a specific programmes within primary schools to both children and their parents that focuses on attachment and resiliency to improve the families’ capacity to forge more securely attached relationships within the home. Requests from other schools and community organisations have been made to deliver a similar service model.

All project staff have received in-depth training on how to implement the ‘Stress Resiliency Model’ successfully, and as a result, we have been able been able to monitor and evaluate more consistent outcomes for each individual family.

The mentoring support has been instrumental in achieving targets with families who fail to engage with other services. The children have positively engaged with the mentoring service and outcomes have shown improvements with their confidence and their ability to cope better in social situations. The school links have been invaluable to our project and have enabled us to promote the service on a wider level to families who fit the criteria.

Our service has also enabled parents to think differently about their child’s wellbeing and supports them to understand the importance of secure attachments with their children, thus giving them the tools to make informed choices regarding what intervention that best suits their individual needs.

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