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This term, we as Criw Cymraeg members have been very busy planning fun and enjoyable activities to spread the language of Welsh around our school.
We kick started the year with an exciting Welsh assembly, which was all about ‘being proud to be Welsh’.  We explained to the school why it is important to be Welsh, and how very lucky we are to have the privilege of speaking two languages.  After that, the fun started… we had a whole school Welsh quiz to see how much we know about the country we live in. Everybody really enjoyed it!
We have also carried on with our ‘Wal Graffiti’ this term. Every two weeks the ‘Wal Graffiti’ has a different Welsh question, for children and adults of the school to express their feelings and opinions in Welsh. Our latest question on the ‘Wal Grafiti’ has been ‘Ble ydy dy hoff le?’, which gave everyone the chance to tell us about their favourite places. We liked Mrs Jacob’s answer which was Cefn Sidan because it’s right on our doorstep.
Finally, to finish off the term the Criw Cymraeg decided to set up a stall at our Christmas Fayre to spread more ‘Welshness’ to our friends and family. We decided to create a game ‘Pwy sy tu ôl Fflâm?’. The game included Welsh-born stars, which we edited to include Fflâm to hide their faces.  All game players had to guess the famous people to win a prize – it was quite tricky, but a lot of fun!
 In all, the Criw Cymraeg have enjoyed this term with all of the cool Welsh activities we have had. We hope that the new year continues to spread as much Welsh as this year! Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb!

Thomas A, Jaiya N and Robert R (Criw Cymraeg)









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