Digital Leaders/Arweinwyr Digidol


Most of our Digital Leaders attend ICT Club.  Their responsibility involves feeding back to their classmates and teacher all that they have been taught during ICT Club.  They support others in developing skills and encourage safe and smart rules for esafety.  They ensure all of our ICT equipment is respected and looked after.

Our pupils are becoming confident ICT learners and are using j2Launch and HWB regularly to enhance their learning.  We held an ICT Day where pupils engaged in a variety of collaborative tasks, using iPads, BeeBots, remote controlled cars and the Macs and CTouch Screens.  

In ICT Club, Junior children have been using j2data within j2Launch.  They created their own database and also used the new branching database in groups.  They are becoming experts at coding and are confident in using safe search engines. 

Pupils in Foundation Phase have used the BeeBots and remote controlled cars.  They enjoy using all of the jit functions - write, paint, chart and so on.  In ICT Club, we recently had a competition as to who could create a shorter route on turtle (Three Little Pigs).