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Pembrey Primary School is a 'Platinum Green Flag Eco-School’. An ‘Eco-School ’ is a school which has been given an award for respecting and enhancing the environment. It works by involving the whole school, together with people from the local community.  


The Eco-Committee is the driving force of the Eco-Schools Programme. Our committee consists of pupils from Nursery class to Year 6, who have been elected by their peers. At present, two teachers, a learning support assistant, the caretaker and 18 elected pupils sit on the Eco School’s Committee.

Meet the Eco-Committee






stars Eco Targets

There are eight Eco School Topics - each class takes an environmental review, sets a target for their topic, monitors and evaluates the progress fo their topic.   

Class School Topic Target
Nursery and Reception Healthy Living To encourage pupils to have a healthy lunchbox. 
Year 1 Litter To ensure all pupils put the litter in the correct bin. Create new bin labels and discuss litter during assembly.
Year 2 Transport To have a ‘Walk, Cycle or scoot’ to school day.
Year 3 Water To learn about the importance of clean water and good hygiene. 
Year 4 Waste minimisation To take part in the Terra Cycle Crisp Packet Recycling campaign.
Year 4/5 School grounds To all have hands on learning experiences in our school grounds by becoming a forest school.
Year 5 Global Citizenship To take part in the ’Soccer Aid Playground Challenge’.
Year 6 Energy To produce our own energy by cycling to power our ‘Disgo Cymraeg’.

stars Our Eco Code

  • Care and look after our school garden
  • Walk, cycle or share a car when we can
  • Take lunchtime food wrappers home
  • Collect and reuse water
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle paper
  • Reduce the amount of energy we use
  • Share and compare with global friends


stars Some of the activities our school has undertaken

 Well being week

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We organised a ‘Well-being Week’ from the 1st – 5th of April, when all our children had the opportunity to experience a variety of fun and exciting activities that enriched and increased their general fitness and well-being.


-Pupils wore clothes that made them feel happy. 

-All pupils went outdoors and took part in a Tai Chi with Mr Dung the Chinese Exchange Teacher.

-Years 5 and 6 – The Samaritans came and did a ‘Crucial Crew’ workshop.

-Ruth Morgans –a Parent Governor gave a presentation to all pupils on ‘Oral Hygiene’.


-Amelia: Mindful Moments  - Pupils in every class took part in a mindfulness session. They experienced a number of activities that enabled them to focus, relax, be happy and ready to learn.

-Lost Words - Wood Carver.  All pupils from Key Stage 2 chose a lost word and sketched a picture of it.  Selected pupils from Years 4, 5, and 6 have been working with a carver and carved some of these lost words into a wooden table.


-Foundation Phase had a bike/scooter race in school and Yrs 4 and 5 pupils cycled to ‘Pembrey Country Park’s Cycling Track’.

-Outdoor Playground - Welsh dancing


-Yrs 3 and 6 pupils cycled to ‘Pembrey Country Park’s Cycling Track’.

-Amelia: Mindful Moments

-YRS 1&2 and Ks2 - NSPCC assembly ‘Speak Out Stay Safe’

Friday - Eco Day

-Walk to school.

-Planting – Pupils, parents and members of the community planted in their raised beds around the school.  

-Fruit Tuck Shop – Fruit Kebabs will be on sale for 20p.

-Launch of TerraCycle Crisp Packet Recycle Scheme –Pupils brought crisp packets to recycle. 

-Activ sport and leisure- fun practical active sessions for KS2

-Lost Words Pebble Competition - Our school is taking part in The Lost Words Project, we are creating an outdoor area to promote the words that are being lost from the Oxford Junior Dictionary.  We asked pupils to choose a lost word and create a ‘Lost Word Pebble’ by drawing a picture of and writing the word chosen onto their pebble. All pebbles will be displayed in the Outdoor Area.  


Lessons during the week have also focused on Esafety, Growing Up, Nutrition, Wellbeing, Autstic Spectrum Disorder SuperHeroes, One page profiles.

Grow your own pizza

Thank you Miss Turke for thinking of and organising such a fantastic day. The children have thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you for all your help Mrs Mudge, Shelby and Keith.

Look at the delicious pizzas we made and cooked in the pizza oven. What a great way to use the produce grown in our poly tunnel. 


Pizz4 Pizza1 Pizza2
Pizza3 Pizz4 (1) Pizza5
Pizzas Pizza P
P1 P2


Governor's Day - Pembrey pupils from each committee, including Criw Cymraeg, School Council and Eco spoke very informatively.


Blwyddyn dau proud to receive their Kerbcraft certificate.


The Eco Committee helped the Police and Road Safety team check thespeed of travelling vehicles.


stars School grounds


Sculptor, Robert Jakes


A sculptor, Robert Jakes, is in school to develop pupils' creative skills. He is helping us create oak carvings for an Outdoor Literacy Zone, linked to the book 'The Lost Words'.


Rainbow Garden

We have 5 raised beds at the front of the school and 3 raised beds in the Foundation Area.  During our recent Eco Day, pupils and parents worked together to enhance the raised beds by planting different coloured seeds, bulbs and flowers to create a rainbow garden.  The classes were allocated a particular colour as follows: Nursery &Reception – Pink; Year 1 and 2- Yellow; Year 3-Red, Year 3 / 4 Multi coloured; Year 4 White; Year 5- Orange and Year 6 Purple. We received a large donation of paint, which we have used to re paint the beds.


All the pupils and staff are working so hard to make our garden beautiful.


Herb Garden

We received a donation of a variety of herbs and have created a Herb Garden with them in one of the Foundation Phase raised beds. 



We have been fortunate to receive a very large polytunnel courtesy of Mr Bryan Beynon and Cefn Sidan Rotary Club. The polytunnel which has been built on the school grounds will enable our pupils to enjoy a first hand experience of nature at work as well as allowing them the opportunity of growing and harvesting their own fresh fruit and vegetables. 





Thank you for all the plant donations for the polytunnel.  This week the gardening club had great fun getting their hands dirty and planting tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, sage and chives.


Outdoor Story Telling Area

In the school garden, a friend of the school created a Story Telling Area, with a large chair for the storyteller and benches for the children to listen to fairy tales and wondrous stories.


Sand Area

A large sand area has now been created in the school garden.  This provides the children with opportunities for creative and construction play and for fine-tuning physical movements.


Outdoor Stage Area

The outdoor stage areas in the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 have been re painted.  The pupils use this area daily and they develop their imagination and work together creatively. 



Pembrey Village Beds

The Gardening club have planted a variety of flowers from the local county council in the two octagonal beds in the village.

Gardening Club and Serendipity Nursery

Thank you Marie Turke ‘Incredible Edibles’ and Stephanie Thomas ‘SFS Catering’ for the fantastic donation of flowers and herbs.

The Gardening Club and Serendipity Nursery have really enjoyed planting them in our school grounds.



Pupils have enjoyed a first hand experience of growing, harvesting, selling and tasting their own fresh fruit and vegetables.   








Cooking Demonstration

Marie Turke from Incredible Edibles came to our gardening club and gave us a cooking demonstration. We used some ingredients from the polytunnel to make our own tomato pasta sauce -it was delicious!


The Rotary Club of Cefn Sidan

We have been fortunate to receive a donation of £500 courtesy of Cefn Sidan Rotary Club. Our gardening club is hoping to use this money in the polytunnel to grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables and make a variety of colourful hanging baskets.

Green Tomato Chutney

Pupils harvested green tomatoes from the polytunnel.  We used these to make our delicious  homemade green tomato chutney.  All of our chutney was sold at the Christmas Fair.